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The Story Sales Machine

This digital course + email template pack shows you how to create your Story Sales Machine and start using power of story in your business.

You’ll get email-by-email breakdowns, dozens of examples, templates, a 10-email welcome sequence strategy, 212 subject lines, 141 story idea starters, and much more.

Use the Story Sales Machine to write story-based emails in minutes. Plan out and write entire email sequences in the time it currently takes you to write just one email!

Here’s what The Story Sales Machine will do for you:

  • Get The Story Sales Machine and effortlessly write emails people WANT to open and read while watching email performance skyrocket…
  • Use story to engage your prospects emotionally so you can sell more by showing, sell more through “projection,” and sell more through relevance…
  • Imagine in the time it takes to write one email, having an entire sequence complete (the emails practically write themselves when you know what to say, where, and how) …
  • Finally have consistent email marketing because there’s no need to wonder “what do I write?” Just reference your Story Sales Machine!
  • Accelerate the relationship-building process so subscribers know, like, and trust you faster
  • Picture prospects enjoying your emails so much that they actually reach out to ask, “Hey, is everything okay?” because you “missed” a day.
  • PLUS: Get follow-along examples, a 10-step welcome sequence strategy, 212 subject lines, 141 ways to create stories, my best performing email swipe file, and much, much more…

What’s included:

  • Story Sales Machine Training
  • 10-Step Welcome Sequence Strategy
  • 212 Subject Lines, Emails, & More
  • Bonus #1: Neglected List Study
  • Bonus #2: Best Email Swipe File
  • Bonus #3: 141 Story Idea Pack
  • Bonus #4: 80 Min Story Seminar
  • Bonus #5: 1-on-1 Strategy Call

What people are saying:

Almost single handedly, Bill Mueller took my annual business revenue from $153K to $1MM with a single email strategy executed over the course of one week, and then maintained that level of sales with his copywriting genius and an evergreen strategy that still works to this day, nearly on autopilot. He also created $264,849.00 of ‘found’ revenue for us with a direct mail campaign we never even knew existed. Bill’s knowledge of internet marketing and his continual ideas for growing businesses has been a huge boon to me and my companies. I recommend you use Bill without question.

The Path to a Profitable Offer

An offer whose very existence does most of the selling for you isn’t a myth.

It’s a possibility, and it’s waiting for you on the other side of Chanti Zak’s The Path To A Profitable Offer.

A LIVE 3-part workshop where you won’t just learn how to intentionally engineer an offer that inspires buyers — you’ll create it. From ideation to validation to optimization, it’s all happening…

Have you ever wondered why the very foundation of your clients’ success — their offers — are often the most overlooked part of the online business conversation?

Your offer is your foundation.

Everything else — content, lead gen, sales, team, scaling, ads, etc. comes AFTER your well-thought out offer.

So why do so few teachers TALK about this?!

Here’s WHY most people teaching online marketing ignore the offer part and focus on other things…

Because crafting an offer people want is kinda hard.

I mean… if it were easy everyone would do it.

You’re not a mind reader, and unfortunately assumptions and best guesses don’t work with offers. You have to know what people want (keyword: WANT, not need).

To craft a really great offer you have to step outside of your own lane and into the shoes of your ideal buyers.

You have to try on their struggles, their objections, their lived experience, their bank account, their setbacks, and their dreams.

And then you have to return to your lane with the mindset of making this a no brainer for them — the kicker, you have to be able to deliver on the promises you make.

Your offer has to stand out. Your promises have to be believable and achievable.

Mastering offer creation and optimization is a hat you’ll need to don over and over again.

That’s what The Path To A Profitable Offer is all about.

In this 3-part workshop you’ll learn: 

  • The 7 Layer Offer Dip — essential and often overlooked elements of an offer that makes your dream customers wanna double dip
  • 3 Steps to validate before you create, because there’s nothing worse than surface level validation where people politely say your idea is 🔥 when in reality they won’t be your buyer
  • The “Offer Owner” Mindset and why business owners sabotage their success by creating too many offers, too fast (+ neglecting the gold already hangin’ in their Google Drive)
  • What Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs has to do with constructing or optimizing an offer that checks all the right boxes (this applies to both your potential customers AND your personal psychological drivers)
  • From low-ticket to high and everything in between: how to strategically price your offer so it’s accessible to your audience AND profitable to you
  • What all successful offers have in common and why competition is actually a good thing
  • Stop trying to stand out and start doing THIS: The power of positioning and deeply attuning to market dynamics
  • How to make your offer stand out in a saturated market (spoiler: the answer is more than just “niching down”) + the difference between painkiller offers vs. vitamins
  • The 80/20 rule and how to apply it to optimizing your offer you already spent months building
  • Why I say F value ladders and what to do instead (hint: what happens when you flip that pyramid on it’s head?!)
  • What fancy restaurants can teach us about The Art of the Offer Stack: from your core offer to support, delivery, bonuses and more this is how you give your customers an experience and not just a temporary reprieve from their hunger

How it’s delivered (PSST… pay attention if you want the live experience!):

  • This workshop will be delivered LIVE and you’ll have a chance to ask questions, make real progress, and create connections. The dates for the live sessions are:
  • If you can’t make it live, all good, you’ll still derive a whoooole lotta insights from the replays which will be sent straight to your inbox within 24 hours of each live session.

What people are saying:

” There’s nobody quite like Chanti. She brings an amazing energy that has helped the business grow. She has the gift of being able to get inside people’s heads– then write copy that reaches them.

Working with Chanti has opened new doors for my business– she’s helped us generate tens of thousands of leads and hundreds of thousands in revenue. More importantly, she’s helped us better connect with the people we serve.

” Chanti has created quizzes that have brought in tens of thousands of leads, helped us generate millions in revenue from our launches, and written hundreds of pieces of copy.

We don’t want to recommend her to anybody else because we’d love to keep her to ourselves! But, in all seriousness, we’d recommend her 100%.

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