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Jerry Ghionis – The Pose Master Class


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What You’ll Learn

People think of posing as robotic, static, and stagnant. In this masterclass, you’ll learn how to take charge, be confident, fluid, and most importantly gain trust from your subjects because they know you will make them look incredible.

I’ll take you in-depth with a couple, shooting in various settings and poses. You’ll even learn how to use your subjects’ hands as part of the story. And I’ll teach you how to pose group shots to create unique and beautiful images.

Imagine you could…

Feel confident in directing your subjects because you know they will look great. Have anyone trust you because you can make them look better with posing. Understand corrective posing so even the most self-conscious person will trust you.

Hear what photographers have to say…


I share my philosophy on posing, and how to overcome any fears you might have about posing your subject.

The Foundation of Female Pose

I share a tip on how to get your subjects to easily understand what you’re asking by “mirroring” you.  I also share the foundation for nearly every female pose.

Foundation of Male Pose

I explain the foundation for nearly every male pose.

Posing Ideas

Natural Kissing Dipping

I share several ideas to capture a couple’s natural poses and ideas on how to never run out of poses on the wedding day.  I’ll also share the best way to do a portrait of your coup…


I share a variety of walking poses when photographing your couple full length.


I show you a variety of ways to pose a bride’s hands.

Sitting Down

Learn a variety of seated poses for a bride, a groom, and the couple together.

Bar Height Table

I show you pose’s that you can do when you have a bar height or tall table or countertop.

Average-Height Table

I demonstrate poses that you can do when you are in a location that has a table.

Groom Leaning on a Wall or Squatting

I show you poses that you can do with a groom leaning on a wall or pillar.  I’ll also share a pose of the groom squatting down, including what not to do.

Using a Veil and with a Full-Skirted Dress

I demonstrate some poses for a bride that is wearing a very full skirt.  And also, some great ideas of how to use her veil.

Bride Leaning on a Wall

I demonstrate some poses for a bride leaning on a wall and show you how to seamlessly incorporate the groom.

Working With a Bed

I demonstrate some poses when you are in a bedroom environment and how to use the bed as a prop.  And then I show you how to photograph a couple in the same environment.

Sitting on Stairs

Some great ideas on how to pose a couple while sitting on some stairs.

Walking on Stairs

I give you some great ideas on how to pose your subjects individually and as a couple while standing on stairs.

Lying Down

Some great ideas on how to pose your subjects lying down on the floor, both individually and as a couple.

Wrap Up

I wrap up my posing lessons with some general reminders and tips that will help to make posing the bride and groom easier for you.

Expert Tricks

Corrective Posing

In this lesson, I’ll teach you endless techniques for posing any subject that has challenges they want to minimize.

Posing Hands

I expand on an earlier lesson by sharing even more ideas on how to pose female hands and how to use them to help tell a story.  I believe that hands are the most expressive part of an image af…

Posing Groups

Bridal Parties

Everyone can photograph the bridal party standing in a line.  But I’ll show the bridal party portraits that you should take after you take the more traditional ones, along with various r…

Children at a Wedding

Children can be unpredictable at a wedding. I offer some tips and suggestions on how to bring the best out in them.

Group Portraits

I walk through all of the group portraits I took at one wedding, including all of the family portraits, bridal party portraits, and more. You’ll learn my thought process and tricks for gettin…


I share endless examples of how to pose the bridesmaids, and how to change things up so you are not doing the same poses all the time.


I share endless examples of how to pose the groomsmen in a way that makes them look cool, and still stand the test of time.


Many wedding photographers try to get through family portraits as quickly as they can. I encourage you to be creative with your family portraits, to create something that shows who they are, not ju…

Family Reveal

I often enjoy doing a reveal with the bride and her family or with her parents. I’ll walk through how to do that, and some tips to capture the best moments from it.

Candid Family Portraits

Make sure that you look for moments “in-between moments” to capture a family’s dynamic in its true form instead of just formally looking into the camera.  These portraits wil…

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