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[GroupBuy] Jennifer Longmore – Akashic Records for Business Program (Standard) 2022


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I am so thrilled to share the details of The Soul Journeys® Akashic Records For Sacred Business with you from a place of deep love and gratitude.

YOU will resonate with this for many reasons:

  • Your knowingness that there is only one of YOU and you need a spiritual guide with laser like focus, one who’s conducted over 30,000 Akashic Readings, to help you see who you really are deep at the core of your BE-ing so that you can fully align to your soul’s purpose, activate your unique gifts and talents, permanently shift energy blocks, and receive crystal clarity about how YOU are meant to shine your light for the world to see.
  • Your need to partner with a gifted spiritual mentor who can see your full divine potential, celebrate your successes, and illuminate your greatness so that you always have a sacred space to BE who you really are as you learn to fully own your role as Spiritual Leader and step out into the world in a BIG way!
  • Your calling to leave a powerful legacy on the planet and deeply desire a highly trained spiritual leader to guide you through each step with full support, spiritual guidance, inner transformation, and loving accountability.
  • Your strong desire to align your inner and outer vision to create energetic congruence and need a spiritual mentor to provide you with divine guidance and practical steps to bring your vision into reality beyond your wildest imagination.
  • Your inner knowingness that it’s time to learn how to download all of your divine offerings, sacred systems, and co-creative possibilities/opportunities to be most aligned to your sacred path and in highest service to all.
  • Your deep commitment to fully thrive in your abundant, purpose-filled mission as a Spiritual Leader with a soul coach who has profound healing and manifestation abilities to turn you into an attraction magnet for all that you need to support you in completely stepping into your calling, including healing your money story.

Really take a moment to FEEL what it would be like for you to create ALL of this for yourself.

As you are experiencing this feeling, I would like to share with you how I created this program just for you.

For the last several years, in my role as an international healer, speaker and teacher, I have met countless people who have a deep desire to launch their dreams, to live their vision, to be fully aligned to their soul purpose and to effortlessly create the most abundant, joyous path, just like you.

It has been such an honour for me to witness the AHA moments on people’s faces as they fully connected to why they were here and what they were here to share. There are very few things that move me the way that being invited in to people’s sacred experiences have moved me.

Yet, even when I connected people to “the how” of their purpose and divine gifts, they still felt stuck in moving from knowing their purpose to fully living their purpose.

So, I communed with my divine guidance to uncover the reasons why this was occurring for so many people. Here are just some of the reasons that I uncovered which may also be blocking you from stepping fully into your purpose, including:

  • fear of success
  • fear of failure
  • unhealthy relationship with your money
  • lack of trust and confidence in yourself
  • discomfort when being visible
  • discomfort with your own power
  • fear of responsibility
  • feeling disconnected from yourself, from others and from Source

Which of these resonate for you?

Once I discovered the reasons behind these blocks, I then needed to ask my divine guidance, “How can I fully support people in bridging the gap from knowing their path to BE-ing a full expression of their divine essence and mission on this planet?”

This is the answer that came back: “You are the Healer of Healers and Teacher of Teachers. It is time for you to share with others how you created a heart-centered, highly conscious, high-integrity profitable business and fully aligned to your role as a Spiritual Leader.”

How did I do this? Through the Akashic Records, of course!

The Akashic Records have been such a blessing to my life and my business, and I wish similar alignment for you. Here’s just some of the magic I’ve experienced as a result of being aligned to the Records:

  • Immense personal growth and cultivation of wisdom from the privilege of working with so many amazing souls
  • An abundance of downloads for divine offerings that my ego mind never would have considered! These divine offerings have always been my most popular and most profitable because I was being guided by higher energies to be the vessel for how the universe wanted to work through me (even if I couldn’t see it myself)
  • Clarity of pricing, magical marketing, sacred systems, aligned partnerships, angelic team members, and so much more just by tapping into my Records
  • Clearing of any nigglies that prevented me from getting out of my own way, from being more visible, from making more money, from being in allowance of a divine partnership with the universe, and any other interference that may have prevented ultimate flow with ease and grace
  • Divine guidance of exact timing of launches, writing copy for specific programs, where to focus my energy for greater impact and results
  • And so many more magical and magnificent outcomes!

This unique program empowers you to:

Sacred Session #1. Powerfully align to your soul’s purpose and activate your divine gifts and talents

On our first sacred group session we energetically connect with your soul to ensure that you are completely aligned to your soul’s purpose so that everything else that we shape around this is in complete alignment. We are going to explore any new aspects of your soul’s purpose that are ready to reveal themselves, as well as learning what is ready to be released or upgraded to make room for the new.

Once this occurs there is an immense sense of relief, joy and vitality. Energy that was once spent ‘searching’ for your purpose or stressing over “what’s next?” can now be reinvested into ‘Being’ your purpose. This is very liberating and allows you to joyfully see all of the wonderful possibilities that await you as you prepare to spread your wings!

Sacred Session #2. Joyfully expand your divine soul purpose vision

Once we determine ‘“what’s the next level of my purpose?” the next logical place that our human brain goes is “How do I make this happen?”. So, just as it is important for you to be clear on the evolution of your purpose so that you can best invest your energy and focus, it is equally important to be clear on where you are headed so that you do not misdirect your precious energy on activities and goals that are not completely aligned to your purpose. You may already have a vision, but…..if you’ve upgraded how your purpose will be expressed through you, you will naturally need to upgrade your vision to be an aligned reflection of that.

Vision gives you a sense of direction that you can powerfully align all of your thoughts, actions and relationships towards. Again, your energy is then free to BE rather than spent searching. Once we are clear on the elevated version your vision, we can formulate your individualized plan to fully support your vision in becoming reality.

Sacred Session #3. Recalibrate & Activate Your Magnetism So You Can Attract All That Is Ideal For You

Once you are clear on your elevated purpose and expanded vision, we create crystal clarity about the next version of who your ideal clients are (and magnetize them to you), along with collegial alliances, angelic team members, divine opportunities and so much more!

Oh, and did I mention that I AM an attraction magnet, and when I have shared my manifestation abilities with others, they attract amazing opportunities in record time? I will be sharing those very special energies with you to amp up all that you choose to create for yourself!

Sacred Session #4. Instantly Shift Your Relationship With The Energy Of Money and Sacred Commerce

Having crystal clarity on the first 3 areas is wonderful, but…..if you have money blocks they will manifest in unconscious ways to prevent you from serving on a whole new level. Imagine attracting all that is ideal but not being able to receive it because your unhealed money stories block you from experiencing prosperity on all levels? I have a 100% success rate of instantly shifting people’s relationship with money so that you can overcome ‘a scarcity mindset’ once and for all while effortlessly creating an abundant, joyous purpose-filled life as a Spiritual Leader and Entrepreneur.

I have developed highly specialized tools and energy alignments from the Akashic Records that fully support you in healing your relationship with money, and as an added bonus, you instantly shift your ‘relationship’ energy in all areas of your life and your business.

Sacred Session #5. Download Your Divine Offerings (and much more)

Imagine having the power (and confidence) to tune into your Akashic Records for all things business related, including your divine offerings, along with how to price and package them, write copy for them, and market them ALL in a way that is aligned to the next exalted version of your soul’s purpose so that you can serve even more people, and create greater impact with ease and abundance!

I’ve downloaded countless unexpected offerings (i.e. Heal Your Money Story, Wealth Blueprint, Akashic Record Certification, and many more) as have my clients that have all been highly profitable because they are coming from Source (not from ego). And they’ve always become much bigger than expected because Spirit is working through me (rather than me racking my brain trying to figure out how to serve and what to offer that people will respond to).

How does it get any better than that?!

Sacred Session #6. Serving as a Spiritual Ninja

By now you’ve learned what your expanded purpose and divine vision looks like, you’ve amped up your magnetic mojo, expanded your capacity as a downloading superSTAR, and now it’s time to upgrade your role as Spiritual Leader.

I’ve got a series of clearings, activations and divine questions to support you in moving to this next level gracefully and joyously!

Sacred Session #7. Inspiringly Move into ALIGNED ACTION

Creator works with us, not for us!  It’s wonderful to be clear on your purpose, vision, unique identity and contributions yet clarity is not going to bring your vision to you. Here I share how to work in your records to create totally do-able action steps, in partnership with your Records, to prevent overwhelm, analysis paralysis, busyness, worry, anxiety and more. When the highest version of you is taking aligned action, everything flows, quantum leaps are abundant, and your sacred business becomes enjoyable!

Powerful clearings, activations, and alignments from your Records allow you to experience this exponentially! How fun is that?!

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