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Igor Ledochowski – Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis Training


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The problem (in a nutshell) is this:

Erickson himself cannot teach you how to do hypnosis the way he did it.

He is, of course, no longer with us.

Now, there are, of course, some excellent hypnotists out there that use (in some fashion) Erickson’s style of hypnosis.

But the problem is…

There were only a few “first generation” students of Dr. Milton Erickson — (those students that got to observe and informally “study” with Dr. Milton Erickson at close quarters, personally).

Sadly, most of those “first generation” students are also now deceased or no longer teaching.

But let’s talk about today…

Today, most of the Ericksonian-style hypnotists are “3rd generation” students of Dr. Milton Erickson’s work. In other words…

They have been trained by someone who was trained by someone who at one point (way back in the past) was lucky enough to informally “study” directly under Dr. Milton Erickson.

So the bulk of the Ericksonian-style hypnosis training today is, naturally, somewhat biased and… let’s face it… “contaminated” by the current trainer’s preferences of style and use of so-called Ericksonian Hypnosis techniques.

OK as far as it goes, but then there is…

And the BIGGER problem is this:

Much of what passes for Ericksonian Hypnosis today is what I call “ready-meal” hypnosis.

Or “fast-food” hypnosis if you like.

It hardly ever (if at all) covers the multi-faceted way that Dr. Milton Erickson himself “integrated” different aspects and nuances of hypnosis.

For example:

One hypnosis trainer may focus on teaching “Ericksonian” trance work – and completely overlook (or ignorantly ignore) how metaphor and stories “integrate” with the trance work.

Or another hypnosis trainer will focus on teaching “Ericksonian” storytelling – and completely overlook (or ignorantly ignore) how therapeutic trance and Ericksonian style suggestion “integrate” with the stories.

And that’s okay. Again, as far as it goes.

However, by “separating out” different aspects of Ericksonian style hypnosis…

…and teaching them independently of each other (with no emphasis on the “interconnectedness” of the techniques and subtle nuances of each)…

…it creates a disjointed learning experience for you…

…and that disjointed learning experience actually causes 2 BIG PROBLEMS:

BIG PROBLEM 1: It makes learning and successfully integrating all aspects and nuances of Ericksonian Hypnosis a very slow, costly and arduous process (remember, it took me 20 years and over $180,000 in out of pocket expense following that path – but hey I had no choice at the time as that was the only path available!).

BIG PROBLEM 2: It does NOT allow for you to easily APPLY TRUE Ericksonian hypnosis in a WELL-ROUNDED, FLUID and ADAPTABLE way.

Okay I guess – if all you want is an experience of learning a bunch of different “isolated” hypnosis techniques.

But “Isolated” Hypnosis Techniques Are Never Enough When Dealing With Real People With Real Issues

Because here’s something you can ALWAYS count on:

When dealing with a real person (with a real issue) you will ALWAYS have to adapt different hypnosis techniques to “best fit” the unique individual in front of you. Which reminds me of something…

It reminds me of something my martial arts teacher once told me.

It has stuck in my memory because it is just as applicable to hypnosis.

What he told me was this:

“Everything Works… But Nothing Works
All The Time!”

In the context of martial arts, he meant:

A punch will work. But it won’t work if you are standing 5 feet away (and out of arms-reach) from your opponent.

He meant: A kick will work. But it won’t work if your opponent has you on the floor in a head lock.

You get the idea.

Everything works… but nothing works all the time.

That’s why you can be a black belt 6th dan in karate… knowing all the karate moves… but still get taken by surprise and beaten up by an “unpredictable” thug in a street fight.

A black belt can know all the karate techniques and apply those in “isolation” (i.e., when the other person wants to fight karate style) – but can’t necessarily adapt to the blur of an unpredictable street brawl.

Same logic goes for hypnosis.

Especially when dealing with Ericksonian-style hypnosis.

After all, it can be a wretched experience when you have all these “isolated” techniques of Ericksonian hypnosis and no real experience of “blending” and “integrating” them together in a very FLUID way to adapt to the individual person in front of you.


Ultimately, what’s NEEDED with Ericksonian style hypnosis… is… a way to “blend” the different aspects, techniques and nuances of Ericksonian-style hypnosis. You know, so you can apply it ALL in a very FLUID and multi-faceted way (just like Dr. Milton Erickson did himself!).

Which brings us onto…

The Solution:

The solution is to find hypnosis teachers who can train you in ALL aspects and styles of TRUE Ericksonian-hypnosis.


  • Ericksonian-style trance work.
  • Ericksonian-stlye therapeutic work.
  • Ericksonian-style storytelling.
  • Ericksonian-style metaphors… and…
  • Ericksonian-style conversational hypnosis, etc.

That solution exists out there.

In fact, it’s the solution (the journey) I myself took.

But it is a l-o-n-g drawn out solution at best.

It will likely take you years (just like it did me).

You end up bumping around from one hypnosis trainer to the next.

One training seminar here.

Another training seminar there.

Followed up by another seminar (with yet more expense) in another part of the country (or the other side of the world).

All in the seemingly unending quest to fit together “another missing puzzle piece” of the completed Ericksonian-style puzzle.

In the end it is worth it (my personal experience attests to that!).

But it’s expensive.

It’s exhausting.

It’s often more puzzling than clarifying.

And, at the end of the day (a’ herm… I mean at the end of the years!) you still have to figure a lot of it out for yourself in terms of “integrating” it all together so you can use it all in a very FLUID and ADAPTIVE way when faced with a unique person in front of you.

If that’s the way you’d prefer to roll… then what you do not need is…


The ULTIMATE SOLUTION is something I’ve designed to cut down on all the expense…

…eliminate the years of bouncing around from one seminar training to another…

…and… well…

…just give you EVERYTHING you need “in one place”…

…to get all aspects of Ericksonian-style hypnosis “into you”…

…so you can just go out and USE IT ALL in a very free-flowing, fluid and adaptive way…

…and, yes, “personalize it” to the unique person in front of you.


The Practitioner & Advanced Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis DOUBLE Certification Trainings

The purpose of the training is to bring everything (all aspects, techniques, principles, and nuances) about Ericksonian-style hypnosis together (to integrate it all for you) so you can use it all in a very practical way.

Here (in a nutshell) is what makes the Practitioner & Advanced Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis DOUBLE Certification Trainings DIFFERENT to all other Erickson training programs or seminars:

1. Firstly, you will learn HOW to do ALL aspects of Ericksonian-style hypnosis (including Ericksonian-style deep trance work, hypnotic storytelling, metaphors, conversational hypnosis etc) in a fully integrated way.


2. Secondly, you will ALSO learn WHEN to do the various aspects (techniques) of Ericksonian-style hypnosis.

By the way, learning the HOW of doing a skill is, of course, important.

But learning WHEN to use that skill (based on all the nuances of a unique situation) is…

1,000 TIMES More Important

Knowing WHEN to deploy a skill is what separates the masters from those that just have “chauffeur knowledge” of that skill.

So the Practitioner & Advanced Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis DOUBLE Certification Trainings will give you the confidence and instinct of knowing WHEN to use a particular aspect (technique) of Ericksonian-style hypnosis in preference to another aspect (technique)

And HOW will it do that, you ask?.

Well, the Practitioner & Advanced Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis DOUBLE Certification Trainings is not just a hard-teaching training… it’s more a SHOW & MIMIC training event.

As in:

You Are SHOWN WHAT To Do And
WHEN To Do It.

And then you get to MIMIC what you just saw in practice sessions with other participants.

MIMICKING really is the best way to “get a skill or movement into you.”

Just think of every skill or movement you’ve internalized in your life – and you’ll realize you “internalized it” by mimicking what you saw someone who already had the skills doing.

Just think of every skill or movement you’ve internalized in your life – and you’ll realize you “internalized it” by mimicking what you saw someone who already had the skills doing.

We just have to look at animals for proof of that.

Animals don’t read text books or attend hard-teaching seminars. They just MIMIC what they see the other more mature animals in their species doing.

That’s why I call it the “animalistic” way of developing DEEP FLUENCY in Ericksonian hypnosis in the headline at the top of this page — because likewise, you’ll learn and “internalize” everything about Ericksonian-style hypnosis faster and with more ease just by WATCHING me do it and then MIMICKING what you see me doing

By seeing the demonstrations first-hand and then mimicking what happens (“animal-style☺” ) you’ll quickly master the “integration” of all the techniques (at an unconscious-instinctual level).

It will all happen NATURALLY for you.

All possible because… like I’ve said… at the DOUBLE certification trainings there’ll be plenty of…




Over and over.


And again.

And again.

So, again, everything gets “into you” ready for instinctive use by you.

There will, of course, be more traditional teaching segments at the training (but they will be there purely to assist and enhance) your understanding of the many demonstration and examples you’ll see.

Something else you need to know about this unique DOUBLE certification trainings:

It’s in two parts naturally:

PART 1 (The Practitioner Of Ericksonian Hypnosis) of the certification training is on Ericksonian-style THERAPEUTIC TRANCE work.

In PART 1 – The Practitioner Of Ericksonian Hypnosis – Live Certification Training You Will Be…

  • SHOWN: How to do Erickson’s “5 Minute Hypnotist” Routine: this is a simple 3 step process that Erickson used in EVERY induction he did to create powerful trances – now you’ll be able to do the same thing with a new subject so you have easy and FAST access to changing their unconscious patterns of behavior!
  • SHOWN: How to develop elegant Ericksonian hypnotic language patterns so your subjects’ unconscious mind hypnotizes ITSELF! (you’ll be turning the subject into their own hypnotist with the Ericksonian language patterns you use).
  • SHOWN: How to find powerful resources in places a subject never would have thought to look –as a hypnotist you’ll be able to switch on the “torch of awareness” inside a subject’s mind so they suddenly see (and FEEL) solutions they were not able to see before! (When a subject suddenly “sees” something they’ve not been able to see before all of their “old limiting story” – and the BAD feelings around that – instantly collapse).
  • SHOWN: How to easily create the perfect conditions for powerful natural and deep trances to occur — even if you are in a crowded, noisy room.
  • SHOWN: How to catch and spot the subtle offers a subject’s unconscious mind makes — when you know how to spot the unconscious moments a subject gives you, with a few simple questions, your subject literally hypnotizes THEMSELVES (there’s no resistance!)
  • SHOWN: How to develop the powerful “H+” state that allows you to effortlessly initiate deeper and deeper states of hypnosis in your subject without feeling like you are PUSHING hypnosis techniques onto someone.
  • SHOWN: How to do Erickson’s mythical “Deep Trance Phenomena” for creating powerful changes in the unconscious. Use this in your sessions and your reputation as a hypnotist will soar!
  • SHOWN: How to use your subjects’ experiences to develop irresistibly effective hypnotic “mind pictures” that they naturally identify with. HINT: It’s easier to re-align someone’s identity when you use “mind pictures” they ALREADY identify with.
  • SHOWN: The different kinds of hypnotic stories you can plant in a person’s unconscious mind so natural bodily healing occurs.
  • SHOWN: How to convert virtually any hypnotic technique into an innocent sounding hypnotic story that has a profound positive (even life-altering) impact on people’s lives.
  • SHOWN: How to quickly “hijack” people’s naturally occurring trances and turn them into deep healing experiences of their traumatic emotions.

In PART 2 – Advanced Practitioner Of Ericksonian Hypnosis – Live Certification Training You Will Be…

  • SHOWN: How to expertly apply the Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis principles with real people with real issues and problems…
  • SHOWN: How to refine all the Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis principles and methods – with LOTS of examples and LOTS of demonstrations so if a “sticking point” ever arises when you’re using the methods on your own you’ll have a “mental database” of what I did in the demonstrations to smoothly move you past that sticking point.
  • SHOWN: Through LOTS of examples and demonstrations how to recognize the all-important “unconscious moments” (the offers the unconscious makes) so you never have to meet any resistance from a subject when using Advanced Ericksonian hypnosis (or any other form of hypnosis).
  • SHOWN: Through demonstrations how to catch any mistakes in action and how to pivot off those mistakes to get back on track to successfully achieving a result with a subject with minimum fuss and time delay.
  • SHOWN: How to create the perfect state of mind in nervous and frightened subjects so Deep Trance work is both enjoyable and highly productive in terms of their “inner healing”.
  • SHOWN: How to tell hypnotic Ericksonian-style stories in a natural way that captivates your subject and has them unconsciously processing your covert identity-shifting suggestions you can use this for shaping a subjects’ identity around new behavioral & habit changes you want to install (perfect for smoking cessation sessions and weight loss issues).
  • SHOWN: How to use deep Ericksonian trance phenomena to make big life changes in your subjects that would be impossible with more “traditional” hypnosis techniques.
  • SHOWN: How to naturally do an entire hypnotherapy session using Erickson’s indirect (“invisible”) change principles your subject won’t even realize they’ve been hypnotized until they report back to you a week or so later that their entire behavior has changed around the issue they came to see you for.
  • SHOWN: How to use Ericksonian suggestions to guide your subject to make better choices by trusting their unconscious.
  • SHOWN: Why sometimes it’s a good idea to prevent a subject from going into trance in order to hypnotize them more deeply (Erickson would often get his hypnotic suggestions accepted by a subject – even though he never formally hypnotized them!).

The format of the 2-part certification program is different to all other trainings I’ve held.

Here’s what I mean:

The Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis (Part 1) of the certification trainings takes place over 6-days and ends with an optional certification exam.

Then there is a 3-day skills integration break (where you can relax, unwind and “process” all that you’ve got out of Part 1).

Then the Advanced Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis (Part 2) of the certification trainings takes place over another 6-days ending in an optional second certification exam.

This is an exciting opportunity to really immerse yourself over 15 days (6 day training + 3 day’s break + 6 day training) into the magical world of Milton Erickson’s hypnosis strategies and techniques!

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