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How to Talk to People & Make Friends With Them

I asked my socially savvy friend: “How come you can make friends so easily when it takes me forever?

My friend responded: “But David, you don’t talk to people.

I said: “But if I talk to people I just get stuck in small talk—and I hate small talk”.

In the following weeks, my friend took me under his wings. He taught me how to connect with people. It worked. I was hooked. I wanted to learn everything.

You know how socially savvy people make friends—and it just “happens”—without even a sprinkle of effort? That’s what my friend inspired me to do, and I set out to become really good at.

My friend helped me realize something:

The only way to make friends with someone is to talk to them

But if you’re like me, your conversations didn’t lead to more than empty small talk or awkwardness rushing through your body.

Perhaps you asked people questions, and they only gave short answers, or even worse, started going on forever about themselves. Maybe you tried talking about you, and they zoned out or maybe even started judging you.

Occasionally, you felt like you had an interesting conversation – but then they never got back to you.

My stomach turns into a knot just thinking back to it.

My self-blame and self-hatred for being so terrible at forming connections made me want to scream into my pillow at night.

It’s time to move past advice that doesn’t work and learn to talk to people in a way that connects on a deep level. It’s time to learn how to talk to people and make friends with them.

Today, years later, I knew my socially savvy friend was right: All amazing friendships in my life started with a little bit of conversation. 

But HOW do you talk to people? And how do you turn people you talk to into actual friends?

That’s what you’ll master in our course How to Talk to People & Make Friends With Them.

“But I’m not some extrovert who likes talking to people. Do you have to pretend to be a social butterfly or something for this to work?”

No. This course is NOT about being overly social or walking up to strangers and talking to them. (That would be kinda weird, but I know that other “gurus” give this advice).

And also, welcome to the club! I’m an introvert who most often dreads shallow small talk. If you don’t like small talk, this is the course for you. Why? Because it helps you cut through all that meaningless stuff. You’ll be able to form connections and make friends with people you talk to.

This course teaches you how to talk to people you meet that you like but currently don’t know how to befriend.

Imagine if you’d been able to befriend all those people that seemed cool, but you didn’t know how to talk to…

What would your life look like today if you’d been able to build a deep, lasting connection with them? What would your day-to-day life look like if you knew them by now and had them only a text away?

That’s what this course helps you do.

Why get a course when there’s an ocean of free advice out there?

With all the advice out there, why isn’t everyone a social genius? The answer: More advice doesn’t automatically make us better.

That’s why Talk to People & Make Friends With Them isn’t another “advice-bomb”. Here’s what we do differently to give you results:

  1. Instead of trying to remember 100 different things, you can just follow our system.
  2. We focus on one core concept at a time and help you internalize it.
  3. With my practical video examples, you get experience that no blog post or book can give you.
  4. Signing up for our program means you become a part of our SocialSelf Inner Circle: Whenever you get stuck or want to discuss something, you get help from Viktor, me, and all our members who share your journey.
  5. Our material is scientifically based, optimized for results, based on countless video calls with beta testers, and created together with counselors and therapists.

Advice can be good sometimes. We give a lot of advice in our free material so you can decide if our way of doing things works for you before you spend a penny.

And when you’re ready for change, we’ve got a system proven by hundreds of men and women like you who took the leap and joined our community.

You’ll Get All This:

Lifetime access to the course.

21+ super in-depth, easy to understand videos packed with ultra-practical real-world examples.

A community of like-minded who’ll support you and understand you.

Exercises that help you improve without being weird, scary, or awkward.

A system that holds you accountable and motivated.

Downloadable audio files of the lessons so that you can listen anywhere on your phone.

60-day money-back guarantee: If you can’t talk to people and make friends with them in 60 days, you get your money back.

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