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The Consult Project is an online, step-by-step training program with five incredible modules walking you through everything I’ve discovered to host high-converting, value-packed and automated consults that your market find irresistable

Revealed! 6,000+ Client Coach Teaches You Her Secret “1 Page Funnel” Method That Signs All The High-Paying Clients You Can Handle… FREE!
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From The Desk Of Grace Lever
Aldgate, South Australia

Dear Lovely Lady,

If you’re looking for a simple way to jumpstart your business to the $10,000 or even $20,000 per month level fast…

Then I want to gift you my best selling course – The Consult Project – absolutely FREE so you can do exactly that 🙂

Inside this program, I’m going to show you how I used a 1-page funnel to go from zero to hundreds of $5,000+ sales while I was still starting out…

And how I used this same funnel to attract over 6,000 clients and build one of the fastest growing consulting agencies in Australia.

I’ll tell you more about how this is possible in a moment, including everything you’re getting in the free program.

But before I do…

And before I explain why I’m giving you my $1,997 program for free…

Here’s Everything You’re Getting Inside The Consult Project For Free…

The Consult Project is an online, step-by-step training program with five incredible modules.

Each are short…


And designed to have you up and running with a consult booking system in a matter of days…

Yep – you heard me right 😉

I leave nothing out to help you close all the high-ticket clients you can handle!

You get ALL the tools, scripts and templates myself, my team, and my students have used to sign clients totalling into the tens of millions in sales…

I walk you through everything in an online training portal… So you know how to copy/paste/tweak them into your business and can go live ASAP.

Suffice it to say…

Because almost everything is a script, tool, or template, you can get up and running now… Most of the work has been done for you!

With that being said…

Let’s have a closer look now at what you’re going to get inside…

Module 1 – Your Consult Strategy

  • Discover my Consult “Supercharger” Technique that often makes hundreds before your call even starts… It actually has nothing to do with the consult and requires no more additional time from you to make this money.
  • ​The little known but highly profitable “VIA” Consult Offer that gets qualified prospects paying to attend a consult with you, even if you’re brand new in the business… After running almost 100 sold out workshops around Australia, I discovered a way to sell tickets that works incredibly well for booking highly qualified consults your prospects can’t say no to even though they’re paying for it!
  • ​My 10 Point Consult Offer No-Brainer Checklist… Mark these off and you’ll have yourself a completely irresistible sales consult offer that packs your calendar full of high-quality appointments
  • ​How to choose the right type of sales consult based on your business model… There are 3 types in all, and if you choose the wrong one, it can lead to booking almost NO new appointments.
  • ​Why you should never call your consult a “consult”… This is one of my biggest keys to success in generating thousands of consults.
  • ​The more you include in your program, the more it’s worth, right? Wrong… Many Coaches scare away prospects by selling more content in their programs… Inside you’ll discover why often less is more!
  • ​How I spend only 5 minutes MAX preparing for each consult that still allows me to close over 80% of prospects… Hint: It’s got to do with “templatizing” your consult!
  • ​Why giving away your advice overwhelms & loses the client… And what to do to prove you’re an expert, without giving away “the farm”.
  • How this one type of consult is a business model in and of itself, that’s how profitable it is… Perfect for beginners & experts.
  • ​My “Can’t Say No” $1 Offer that works best for coaches & experts also wanting to fill retreats, masterminds, and other high-priced programs… great if you sell other types of offers/programs/services.​
  • The one word that makes your consults feel like its own product people want to pay good money for… This 2 second trick alone will instantly boost booked consults.
  • ​My secret consult Giveaway Formula that makes every prospect feel like this was one of the most valuable 60 minutes they’ve ever had… and the good news is, this giveaway only needs to be created once and you can use it over and over again.
  • ​How to create a valuable, high ticket offer in a couple of days… because you don’t need to spend months finishing your high ticket program before you sell it. In this section I’ll be showing you how to create a fast $2,000+ offer you can sell super fast without creating tons of content!

Module 2 – Filling Your Consults

  • My simple 1-page funnel that gets qualified prospects booking into your calendar even if they have no idea who you are… The secret behind my success to booking tens of thousands of consults. So simple my Grandma could set it up!
  • BONUS: Get my 1-page appointment funnel copy/pasted right inside your Clickfunnels account! This allows you to get up and running with your appointment system in minutes… simply tweak for your own business, hit “go live” and start booking appointments right away!
  • The 2 simple tools you’ll need to create an online automated consult funnel… without spending a lot or even hiring developer.
  • Why sending your prospects to your website will turn them off from becoming clients & what to do instead… Many coaches & experts send people to their website but they don’t get any clients and can’t understand why. I tell you why, and what to do instead so your website converts 4x-10x more.
  • Where to find your hottest prospects & how to get them interested in your consult… You’ll discover my favourite paid and free traffic strategies that are super simple to implement, and have prospects booking in your calendar the moment you start implementing them.
  • The 3 types of consult giveaway offers that turn “freezing cold” prospects who have no idea who you are, into someone they see as a bonafide expert who they want to work with… I love this approach because it’s totally no salesy or sleazy!
  • When you should skip creating lead magnets & go straight to pitching your consult to cold prospects… to save you hours and get lots more bookings in your calendar.
  • The Top #4 Free Traffic Strategies to fill your calendar within the next 48 hours!
  • A $10 Facebook “boosting” strategy that gets your consult session instantly seen by thousands… Great if you’re short on time and simply want a fast way to fill your calendar.
  • My slide-for-slide video sales letter script you can follow that introduces who you are, and authentically persuades almost anyone watching to get on your calendar immediately! This is one of my secret weapons for filling my calendar weeks in advance!

Module 3 & 4 – Automated Consult Scheduling And Pre-Consult Nurture

  • After getting my prospects to do this before the call, my close rate went from 10% to over 60%! Achieve 3x, 4x and even 5x your sales call conversion rate without changing anything you’re saying on your calls.
  • The 2 types of pre-consult nurture scripts that position you as an expert before you even speak… Great if you’re just getting started to demonstrate your authority.
  • My exact word-for-word email and SMS message nurture scripts that tripled my consult show up rate… Hint: The more people that show up to your calls, the more clients you’ll sign. These scripts are worth tens of thousands to you!
  • Adapt my SMS scripts to your own email systems… I’ll show you how.
  • My proven application form template you can swipe & deploy to ensure only qualified prospects are jumping on your calendar… Just this will save you tons of time getting on the phone with dud prospects.
  • Scheduling your consult via email is the best way, right? Wrong… There is a simple approach to getting your prospects booking in your calendar without the back and forth, time zone drama. Just seamless booking that saves you both time and hassle.
  • How to setup your very own calendar booking tool with one of my 2 favourite options… that fit any budget and business size.
  • The only time I recommend you don’t change your calendar software…
  • WALKTHROUGH: Get a step-by-step walkthrough that shows you how to connect your calendar software with your email autoresponder nurture sequence… This is critical to ensure your prospects are showing up on time.
  • BONUS: My entire automated nurture campaign copy/pasted right into your Infusionsoft account… And how to set it up and get it live in minutes.
  • Infusionsoft too much of a budget stretch? No problem. Set up the nurture sequence for free in Mailchimp. I’ll show you how…
  • How implementing this simple strategy which takes just minutes can help you tell whether a prospect is a waste of time or not, without even speaking to them.

Module 5 – Your Consult Script

  • Yours today! The 7-figure word-for-word “sales consult script” my students & I have used to close millions in sales…
  • Word for word, so even the most “newbie” coaches can sign high paying clients fast.
  • ​How to ask the right questions in the right time, and overcome even the biggest objections.
  • The “instant ice-breaking” secret for getting prospects to like & trust you within seconds of meeting you… An almost forgotten sales technique I learned from some old-school sales pros when I was just getting started.
  • The 5 simple questions to ask every prospect to build a beautiful trusting relationship in just a few minutes of first speaking… Miss just one of these questions and you’ll almost always lose the sale.
  • How to prove to your prospect without a shadow of a doubt that you can get results for them in your program using this “one big tip”.
  • The biggest objection to a prospect working with you is “no money,” right? Wrong… Discover the #1 biggest objection most Coaches and Experts NEVER address that loses you clients, and how to overcome it before it even becomes a concern in your mind.
  • Should you run 1 consult or 2? Here’s why a second consult may be a game changer for you…
  • What I do at the beginning of every consult to ensure I never run over time… Keep even chatter-box clients focused.
  • What to do the moment they say “yes” to your offer so they don’t get buyers remorse.
  • How not talking gets you more sales… Perfect especially if sales scares the heck out of you 😉
  • BONUS: A secret sales training one of my top students did for my community revealing how to handle any sales objection your market throws at you… She’s closed over $340k in 90 minutes, and over $50k many times on 60 minute sales calls. This training alone will be worth tens of thousands to you in closed sales and I cannot wait for you to get your hands on it.
  • How new coaches & consultants can establish maximum authority right from the opening of the call using this framework… Use this framework to ooze confidence right from the beginning.

And much much more including…

The one question that has your prospects selling themselves on working with you…
How to use your prospects exact words to authentically sell them into your program…
When confirming their credit card will lose you the sale…
How to give them a great onboarding experience…
The “A to B” technique that allows you to teach without overwhelming and scaring off your prospect…
And, how to use a value based approach to selling that turns it from something you loath into something you love!
Exciting, right?

You’re getting everything you need to start signing high paying clients in a matter of days, totally free.

Sales Page: _https://register.thedoersway.net/the-consult-project-ga