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Grace Lever – Bundle (8 courses)


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“Open Letter From A (Once Struggling) Coach & Consultant Who Rocketed To Her First Million…
Using a Strategy No One Else Is Talking About”

From The Desk Of Grace Lever
Aldgate, South Australia

Dear Lovely Lady,

If you’d like to know with certainty how to grow your coaching and consulting business in 2018…

Using a closely guarded strategy and approach to client-getting that no one else is talking about…

Then this will be the most important letter you’ll read this year.
But before I tell you about it, let me make this very clear:
What I’m about to show you is going to require work on your part.

But if you apply yourself and take massive imperfect action with everything that I’m going to be giving to you…

You too will be able to apply this same strategy that I used to grow my coaching and consulting business to over 7,000 clients in 52 countries 🙂

And want to know the best part?

This rarely talked about strategy will be your new secret client-getting advantage…
Here’s what I mean by that…
Let’s just say this unfair advantage presented initially as a very narrow path…

A path my competition was either completely unaware of or were simply not willing to take!

At the time it felt like there was this really nice train leaving the station that all my competitors were on…

There was so much pressure from all the gurus (and even my competition)…

…to just get on board and follow the crowd.

But I knew that this train…and the bright shiny objects and “silver bullets” that it represented…

Would only end up taking me to the wrong destination.

Or there was my route…

Which I likened to…

Being dropped into the jungle at midnight and having to hack my way out with a machete 🙁

Intense right?!!!

It made no sense at the time and those that I did tell about my new discovery just didn’t understand..

But I knew it was the path I had to take…

Here’s the good news though 🙂

You don’t need all the shiny complicated strategies that your competition is already using…

I can guarantee they will get you nowhere.

In fact I discovered a way…

To simplify all of these time consuming, and complex digital marketing approaches…

Into one simple, step-by-step approach to growing your coaching and consulting brand faster…
Introducing: The Power of Half-Day Workshops…
What I discovered was that I could use workshops to fill up rooms with loads of my ideal clients…

Who I could get to know, like and trust me.

This process only required me to create ONE GREAT PRESENTATION….ONCE

Then deliver it over and over again in a very predictable way…

With VERY predictable client-getting results…

ALL by harnessing the power of Half-Day Workshops.

Take a look at this actual workshop that I ran recently…

Here’s What You’re Going To Get…

The Workshop Project is an online, step-by-step training program with six incredible modules walking you through everything I’ve discovered to run successful half-day workshops including…

Module 1 – Discovering Your Genius Zone:

  • Take my honest Genius Zone Audit with my personality profiles and experience audits to understand exactly what your workshop should be on!
  • ​Think you need to have years of experience or be a trained speaker? Wrong. You’ll discover why you already have everything you need and why being a trained speaker can often be a burden.
  • ​The One Big Reason why most entrepreneurs try one workshop, fail, and give up on this incredible opportunity
  • ​Why Half-Day Workshops done “Grace style” actually work!
  • ​How to eliminate overwhelm and create structure in your Workshop Strategy so that you know the simple steps you need to take from newbie to experienced in-demand workshop host

Module 2 – Your Authentic Workshop Presentation

  • ​Watch a recorded copy of my entire Half-Day Workshop so you can see behind-the-scenes why my presentation works so well
  • ​Swipe and deploy my actual Half-Day Workshop slide deck that I’ve used at almost 100 events to make over 7-figures
  • ​Discover the authentic way to present that has your market praising and appreciating you
  • ​How to convert sales at your workshop even if you’re not a trained speaker or salesperson
  • ​What to do if you have no idea what to share at your workshop and how much is too much
  • ​Learn the difference between Lead Gen workshops, product workshops and retention workshops and why I focus on the most important one
  • ​Think you need to pitch sleazy to make good money from stage? Wrong!
  • ​The one thing you should never do at a workshop (and that used to burn my rooms before I figured it out)

Module 3 – Your Irresistible Workshop Offer

  • Discover the different types of offers you could present at your workshop to turn attendees into hot clients or customers
  • ​The truth about creating offers that your market really really wants
  • ​Discover four possible offers you could present at your workshop and work through the pros and cons of each to discover the right one for you
  • ​Access my Competitor Research Guide to ensure your offer stands out in your market and is a refreshing and much needed “next step” for your attendees
  • Think your workshop can’t fill up your coaching, consulting or professional services? Wrong! You’ll learn how you can generate high ticket clients during your half-day workshop
  • ​Claim my offline services and VIP weekends action pack to discover how to promote and fill more traditional programs and services through your workshops
  • ​How to create a no-brainer price point for your workshop offer that your market finds irresistible
  • How to create a product you believe in…in less than 24 hours!
  • ​BONUS: Want to create an online program you could sell at your workshop? Get my step-by-step online program creator training to get yours ready in a matter of day (not weeks or months!)

Module 4 – The Stress Free Event Planning Manual

  • ​How to find and brief the perfect venue for your Half-Day Workshop even if you’re on a shoestring budget
  • ​The truth about your room set-up and how to ensure maximum engagement and sales with one simple layout
  • ​What you should NEVER do at a Half-Day Workshop (and yes, I did all of these things on the “Things That Don’t Matter Checklist” and learnt this lesson the hard way…so now you don’t have to!)
  • ​Swipe, tweak and deploy my actual Workshop run sheet, pre-event checklist, venue checklist, and credit card forms
  • Watch the behind-the-scenes set-up of one of my actual Half-Day Workshops so you can run yours the same!
  • What to do to prime your room of attendees to love you and warm to you…before you’ve even walked in the room 😉
  • Why my checklist of to-dos during the event actually works!

Module 5 – The Workshop Filling Blueprint

  • Why my Workshop Filling Strategy is different to everything else in your market…and why it delivers qualified attendees
  • ​How to eliminate the costs in filling up a workshop with my no-brainer “free” workshop filling strategy for newbies
  • Take my actual done-for-you event booking and sales pages so that you can simply copy, tweak and go live with your event ticket sales FAST
  • ​Think you need a big email list, Facebook following or budget to fill your next workshop? Wrong! All you need is this simple 5-step funnel that I used to sell 6,000 tickets
  • ​The truth about free workshops and the better alternative for serious female entrepreneurs
  • ​How to make money from your workshop attendees before you’ve even walked into the room!
  • ​Swipe my actual Facebook Ads so that you can take my proven workshop-filling ads that have sold 6,000 tickets rather than start from scratch
  • ​Access my actual pre-event emails that I send to people who didn’t quite finish off their reservation so you can trigger a flood of ticket sales and waste no opportunity!
  • ​Why my Pre-Event Email Nurture is so successful in decreasing no-shows and creating a room of hot, pre-qualified, gorgeous attendees who already know, like and trust me

Module 6 – Numbers Are Sexy

  • Think business numbers are complex and hard to track? Wrong! There’s only 5 simple numbers you need to know that will determine your financial success and freedom 🙂
  • The truth about tracking your event expenses and revenue and how it can save you thousands
  • ​Learn how I use my event numbers to be incredibly confident in my workshops from day one – so you can quickly scale to 5, 6 or 7 figures
  • ​Take my actual event spreadsheet so you know exactly what you’re going to make before you walk into the room (to the cent!)
  • ​How to eliminate guess-work in your business and set an achievable revenue target for your Half-Day Workshops

Sales Page: _https://register.thedoersway.net/learn-about-the-workshop-project


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