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Gerald Soh – 50K eCom Profits With Etsy and Shopify


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Discover Our New eCom Strategy That Generated $50,539.47 In Sales Within 30 Days Without AliExpress, Print On Demand, Amazon or eBay!”

This Is Your Shortcut To Generating $50K Per Month With A New eCom Strategy That Has Literally Zero Competition!

Hey, it’s Gerald here.

Give me just 5 minutes of your precious time and I’d like to reveal how we generated $50,539.47 within 30 days for our new Shopify store 

– Without AliExpress or Alibaba

– Without Print on Demand

– Without Amazon

– Without eBay

Yes, this is mind-blowing because it is a new strategy that no one else is currently using! See the results below:

By now you must be thinking, “Seriously? How is this possible?”

In short, lets just say I was fed up with the “typical way” of doing e-Commerce and decided to think outside of the box to find another new strategy.

My hard work paid off immediately as you can see from the video below that sales were coming in literally every minute and every hour (even when I’m asleep).

Here’s the truth.

We can get sales easily because our products are unique, special, rare, custom made, has high perceived value and most importantly.. zero competition! We’ve done extensive research, testing and created a system for this new strategy.

All you need to do is follow our simple step-by-step system to get sales every single day!

Now, in case you don’t know who I am, allow me to quickly introduce myself.

My name is Gerald Soh, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I’m an Internet Marketing Coach, Speaker and a full-time father

Thats me speaking on stage at Internet Wealth Summit, sharing my life story to 200 people from all around the world.

My job is pretty simple – to help my students build profitable online e-Commerce business and to date, I’m blessed to be able to help my students to generate over USD$500,000 (RM2 Million Ringgit) in sales collectively. The best part is… they all started as a beginner!

Alright, enough about me and the success stories. The point is, the strategy that I teach works and all you need to do is follow step-by-step.

Now let’s go straight to the point and focus on how my new strategy can help you to get sales every single day too.

I’m sure you’ve seen all kinds of eCom courses, videos and eBooks.. joined many different e-Commerce Facebook groups as well.

I’m guessing you’re here because after trying all kinds of strategy and spending thousands of dollars, you still cannot get consistent sales right?

Well, let me assure you that whatever I’m about to reveal and teach you in our Secret Private Group Coaching is 100% brand new strategy that I created myself…

… and I’m very confident that this new strategy can help you to get amazing results almost immediately!

The Critical Phenomenon In Our eCommerce industry..

If you just observe closely… everyone is literally doing the same thing with the same few platforms: AliExpress, Print on Demand, Amazon, eBay etc. Competition is tougher and I’m guessing many beginners are not getting real results because they are “learning the wrong things from the wrong people”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong to dropship from AliExpress. These are proven business models and we have other websites doing well with AliExpress and POD too but we noticed one major problem happening for the past 2 years..

It is very hard to find unique, special and rare products.

Let’s take AliExpress for example: There are thousands of sellers selling the same darn product from AliExpress. Even if you have a winner product that is getting sales every day, within a matter of weeks (or months if you’re lucky), hundreds and thousands of other sellers will sell the same product and then you need to find another winner product again.

Man… This sucks! Totally not a sustainable business at all.

Luckily I found a new solution!

Before I reveal the name of this platform, I want you to understand that one of the main reasons why 99% of people fail in their e-Commerce business is because they don’t have a unique product. Most of them either spy on other people’s websites or ads and promote the same stuff.

Well, maybe you can make some good money once awhile but this method is not sustainable.

The key to building a successful and profitable e-Commerce business is by having unique and special products that no one else has. This increases the value of your product, thus you can sell them at a higher price point. This is how you dominate your niche market together with good branding.

Thus, we spent months to find a new solution to this old problem… and we finally found the perfect platform to source for unique, special, rare and custom made products.

The platform is called…

My Secret $50K Per Month Etsy Research Method

There is a specific way to do product research in Etsy. I’ve spent weeks and months to perfect this research method and it works like magic! Just like AliExpress and other platforms, there are thousands of products in Etsy… some are good, some are bad and some are unique, special and rare!

I’ve developed a new research method called “$50K Per Month Etsy Research Method” to identify those “unique, special and rare” products because that’s where the money is!

If you can follow this 3 simple step-by-step system, then you can do it too:

Step 1: Find unique products, special or rare products
Step 2: Negotiate with suppliers
Step 3: Market the product

And then wait for your sales to flood in

Besides product research, there are 2 other important components: negotiating with suppliers and fulfilment process. There is a specific way negotiate with suppliers to get higher discount rates. There is also a specific work flow and process to handle fulfilment so that it becomes systematic & super easy.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. You’ll get all the scripts and templates in our coaching program.. all handed to you on a silver platter

You can’t learn this from YouTube, Google or any Facebook Groups because I created this strategies myself and no one else is doing it. Either you learn yourself and go through trials and errors (which will cost you months of frustration and thousands of dollars in testing) or you can join our upcoming Etsy Secret Private Group Coaching and let me reveal all our secrets to you on a silver platter.

The choice is yours.

50K Etsy Private Group Coaching

Your Shortcut To Building A $50,000/Month e-Commerce Business With Etsy

Now this is not some 126-page ebook course..

This is a 3-hour private group coaching with me + 2 months of direct access to me + all the resources and bonuses to help you reach your goals within 90 days.

Just for your information, I charge $1,500 for a one hour consultation and my students paid me anywhere between $5,000 – $30,000 for a group or 1-on-1 coaching. My price is premium because that’s what you get – real results, all the resources that you need, proven strategies and my personal precious time.

When you invest to join our coaching program today, you’ll get access to our $50K Etsy Core System that reveals how I generated $50,539.47 In Sales Within 30 Days Without AliExpress, Print On Demand, Amazon or eBay!

You’ll also get access to proven methods, new tips and strategies and all the resources you need to reach your goals – from product research, to Facebook Ads, to workflow, processes, systems and much much more!

Earning Your First $10K Per Month Has Never Been Easier…

Now, the net profit of this new store is about $20K after all expenses, which is 40% of total revenue (slightly higher than industry standard because of the “unique products” advantage..

But let’s just assume your goal is to earn $10,000 in net profit within the next 30 days.

Let’s do some simple math and see how you can achieve it..

Just imagine that you have found 2 winning products (which you can easily find within just a few days) and your net profit per sale is $40.

To hit $10,000 per month in net profit, you just need 250 sales per month (about 8 sales per day).

And since you have 2 winning products, this means that you only need to get 4 sales per day for each winning products.

Only 4 sales per day!

I’m sure you agree with me that this is very realistic and achievable!

Now imagine this… in my coaching, I’ll also teach you how to scale your ads to many different countries. So if you can sell well in 5 countries, you literally just 5X your income – that’s $50,000 per month!

All I did Was…
– FINALLY helped you to build a business online that made a profit of $1,000 – $2,000 every month… would it be worth it?

– Helped you to find just two winning product that sold just 8 units a day for 2 – 3 years (that’s $10K per month)… would it be worth it?

– Gave you the confidence to know that you have the ability & the knowledge to eventually quit your job & create freedom… would it be worth it?

It would make sense to invest $10,000 to discover how to produce $10,000 – $50,000 every single month right?
But You Won’t Have To Invest $10,000…

The “official” investment in the group coaching is only $1,000..

However because you took your time to be here and are serious about building a successful e-Commerce business, we can get you started from just $600..


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