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[GroupBuy] Fort Worth Playboy Build Your Dating System


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FWPB Presents BUILD YOUR DATING SYSTEM: This step by step System for dating will give you the framework to have more fun, , more sex, and date the types of girls YOU like!

No more haphazard, unpredictable, expensive dinner dates with boring, unenthusiastic, girls that end at 9pm with a kiss on the cheek and never hear from her again.

The Build Your Dating System delivers to YOU a step by step SYSTEM that you can CUSTOMIZE to take girls you’re attracted to out for an meet up filled with fun, conversation, touching, seduction, and sex that to her “Just happened!”.

Much like Game which is LEARNED CHARISMA the Build Your Dating System allows you to have full control over the date while making it appear natural and spontaneous to the girl.

In the SYSTEM you’ll discover…

-What TYPE of Dates work best with what GOALS you have

-How to choose a LOCATION to meet up to avoid disasters

-How to ask a girl out in a MASCULINE manner that puts you in the drivers seat

-How to make DAMN SURE she shows up and doesn’t flake

-How to DRESS for the date so you’re ready for any event

-How to get your MIND RIGHT for a night of fun

-How this one TRICK changes the dynamic from you leading to her CHASING YOU

-How to position yourself so that she unconsciously finds you MORE ATTRACTIVE

-What NOT to do when ordering drinks

-What to say, how to say it, how to get her ENGAGED and TALKING

-How to sit, stand, and move like an ALPHA

-MANAGING your party of two

-When to BOUNCE and why this speeds up the SEDUCTION

-When, why, and HOW to BAIL when your date no longer deserves your attention

-Giving a girl much needed PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY so she can have sex with you


And as always you’re covered by a 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee

Don’t waste time and girls trying to figure this out by trial and error. Go straight to the SYSTEM that delivers GIRLS EXCITED and ENTHUSIASTIC to move from TOTAL STRANGERS to IN YOUR BED in a matter of HOURS not DAYS or WEEKS!

Sales Page:_https://fortworthplayboy.gumroad.com/l/BYDSPreSale?layout=profile

Delivery time: 12 -24hrs after paid


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