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Forex Mastery – Michael Perrigo


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Forex Mastery

The Most Advanced Trader We’ve Ever Seen Spills All Of His Secrets

Michael Perrigo joined BTG’s Monthly Membership 24 months ago to cure the trading loneliness and was completely blowing everybody’s minds in the BTG Chat Room with his amazing trading abilities and skills.

Michael trades a large 6-figure account and continued to show $1,000+ winners over and over with amazing technical analysis prowess.

We knew we had to collaborate with Michael and have him put his 11 years worth of market knowledge into the most jam packed, highest value, lowest cost Forex and Futures structure education course any trader has ever seen.

The feedback from current Forex Mastery students has made us believe that we accomplished just that!

Get ready for the ride of a life time as Michael takes you from top-down analysis in one of the most comprehensive courses you’ll experience.

Your Forex and Futures trading will never be the same.

Your Instructor

An 11 year trading veteran who has mastered the art and science behind Forex structure and has a knack for teaching complicated startegies and making them simple for any new and or experienced trader to understand.

Who is the Ultimate Forex Structure Course For?

Intermediate AND Advanced traders. You’ll want a mild understanding of chart basics before enrolling in this course.

Traders who are frustrated with learning a new ‘System of the Month’. Everything in the Ultimate Forex Structure Course is time tested and you’ll be able to use this knowledge forever and never have to worry about being sold anything new.

Traders who need extra help pinpointing entries and take profit targets. By the end of the course, you’ll be a master and finding and developing your own entry patterns and being able to use free drawing tools to extend and find where to take profit.

You want a community of other Forex traders to hang out with in our private Facebook group. Be in a group with other Forex Mastery Course students and receive posted charts and trade ideas from your peers

Forex Mastery – Michael Perrigo

Section 1. Market Sentiment

  • Link To Mastery Group Inside Trader Tribe
  • 1. Understanding Market Sentiment (11:21)
  • 2. Higher Time Frame Support/Resistance Part 1 (14:47)
  • 3. Higher Time Frame Support/Resistance Part 2 (12:04)
  • 4. Higher Time Frame Trend Part 1 (11:43)
  • 5. Higher Time Frame Trend Part 2 (12:24)

Section 2. Building Structure

  • 6. Supply and Demand (13:11)
  • 7. Higher Time Frame Fibonacci Basic (9:45)
  • 8. Building A Ladder (14:15)
  • Preview9. Intraday Trend Part 1 (7:09)
  • 10. Intraday Trend Part 2 (10:09)
  • 11. Intraday Trend Part 3 (7:04)
  • 12. Higher Time Frame Change Control – NEW (12:31)
  • 13. Lower Time Frame Change Control – NEW (13:46)

Section 3. Fibonacci

  • 14. Intraday Fibonacci Part 1 (9:36)
  • 15. Intraday Fibonacci Part 2 (8:35)
  • 16. Introducing Momentum (8:12)
  • 17. Divergence (6:32)

Section 4. Advanced Fibonacci

  • 18. Advanced Fib Part 1 (18:28)
  • 19. Advanced Fib Part 2 (16:31)
  • 20. Fib Validation 1 – NEW (12:53)
  • 21. Fib Validation 2 – NEW (13:23)
  • 22. Fib Sequence Validation – New (13:20)

Section 5. Putting It All Together

  • 23. Putting It All Together Part 1 (12:03)
  • 24. Putting It All Together Part 2 (8:57)
  • 25. Putting It All Together Part 3 (14:03)
  • 26. Putting It All Together Again – NEW (18:49)
  • 27. Trade Management – NEW (11:19)
  • Fib Validation Recap – NQ Trade – NEW (8:03)

Swing Trading

  • 1. Swing Trading Simply (19:51)

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