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Film Editing Pro – Premiere Pro Quickstart


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Here’s what’s inside…

48 Editing Tutorials

5+ hours of lessons teaching you everything you’ll need to start editing fast in Adobe Premiere

Downloadable Assets

The course includes HD footage, music, sound effects & graphics to begin your first cut right away

Hands-On Practice Project

Follow along with us and edit a practice project using all the skills you’ve learned in the course

Step-by-Step Training

Lessons are designed to take you from complete beginner to editing pro


Lesson 1: Welcome to Premiere Pro Editing Quickstart

An overview of this course and a bit of information about what you’re going to learn

Lesson 2: The Basics of Video Editing

You’ll learn about what editing is, the main components of a great cut, and preview the project you’ll be working on later in this course

Lesson 3: Downloading Your Footage, Audio & Exercise Files

Get all the files you’ll need to complete your first cut plus some helpful references


Lesson 4: Setting Up Your Interface & Workspaces

It’s time to open up Premiere and get an overview of each panel, how to work with them and customize your workspace

Lesson 5: Setting General Preferences

We discuss some of the most important settings that will streamline your edit and export process

Lesson 6: Setting Advanced Preferences

See how media, memory and timeline settings can affect your workflow and get our suggestions for best practices

Lesson 7: Starting a New Project

Learn how to build a simple template, work with your bins and get some insights into project organization

Lesson 8: Importing Media Into Premiere

Now that you’ve started your project, see how to correctly import footage, audio, graphics and more


Lesson 9: Creating a New Sequence

We show you two simple ways to create a sequence quickly along with how to customize your timeline and tracks

Lesson 10: Mapping Keyboard Shortcuts

In this lesson we’ll explain the shortcut interface and how to map your hotkeys so you’ll be editing fast in no time!

Lesson 11: Basic Selection & Manipulation Tools

Use your newly created sequence, you’ll learn how to move around the timeline and select, cut and move clips

Lesson 12: Clip Speed & Rate Stretching

Now that you’re armed with the basic editing tools, see how to use the Rate Stretch tool to adjust speed

Lesson 13: Working With Trims

We explain what a trim is and how to use trim mode to roll your edits left and right

Lesson 14: Delete vs. Ripple Delete

Ripple Deleting and Closing Gaps is a powerful technique that you’ll be learning how to use in this short lesson

Lesson 15: Advanced Rippling Techniques

Become a faster, better editor by seeing how to Ripple Trim and Ripple Shift your clips

Lesson 16: Three Point, Timeline & Pancake Editing

You’ll learn all about the three main methods of editing to discover which might be best for you

Lesson 17: How to Work with Nests

Now that you know how clips work in a timeline, get more advanced by nesting your footage, audio and FX

Lesson 18: Adding Basic Video Transitions

We’ll teach you how to apply transitions, change the length, set your defaults and then remove them if needed

Lesson 19: Creating & Modifying Markers

Look at the different types of markers on your clips, timelines and bins and see good use cases for each


Lesson 20: Bringing Audio Into Your Timeline

See how to bring audio into your timeline via the three main editing methods you learned earlier in the course

Lesson 21: Adjusting Audio & Creating Keyframes

We discuss general guidelines for audio levels and the various methods you can use in Premiere to adjust it

Lesson 22: The Three Types of Audio Transitions

Explore how crossfades can affect your audio with a cool visual demonstration we’ve put together

Lesson 23: Applying Audio Effects

Use fun audio effects, add them to clips and tracks, then use the settings in Premiere to modify them

Lesson 24: Importing the Promo Assets

Now that you’ve learned all the basics, it’s time to import the assets and start your first project!

Lesson 25: Creating Selects & Stringouts

We’ll show you how to make a stringout of your favorite selects from the footage and audio

Lesson 26: Cutting From Your Stringout

In this lesson, you’ll use timeline editing to pair up your shots and narration to complete a basic cut

Lesson 27: Basic Music Editing

Learn some basic music editing techniques and follow along with us as we quickly score the edit

Lesson 28: Sound Design 101

Bring your edit to life by adding sound effects and applying transitions so they sound smooth and professional

Lesson 29: Tips for Making Changes to Your Cut

Learn some best practices for revising your cut while keeping the audio and video in sync


Lesson 30: Using the Text Tool

We demonstrate how to create simple text graphics, manipulate the style and create a simple animation

Lesson 31: Adding Shape Graphics to Your Text

Add some basic shapes to your cut and see how to resize and style them to work in your edit

Lesson 32: Adding Basic Video Effects

Learn how to add and adjust some of the most commonly used visual effects in Premiere

Lesson 33: Animating Video Effects With Keyframes

Expand on your knowledge of video effects by applying adjustment layers and animating them with keyframes

Lesson 34: Speed Adjustments & Time Remapping

Give your footage extra punch by learning how to apply stylized speed effects to your clips

Lesson 35: Stabilizing Shaky Footage with the Warp Stabilizer

Practice using the Warp Stabilizer to fix jittery footage – a very important skill to have in your editing toolkit

Lesson 36: Working with Images on Your Timeline

Bring images into your timeline and animate properties like position, scale, rotation and adjust color effects

Lesson 37: Color Correction 101

Using Lumetri, we’ll show you how to polish up your video with various methods of simple color correction


Lesson 38: Choosing the Export Settings

Learn how adjust the export settings to properly output your cut and then create queues in Media Encoder

Lesson 39: Best Practices for Versions & Filenames

Explore naming conventions to keep your workflow optimized and your files organized


Lesson 40: Next Steps

What’s next? If you want to dive deep into the world of editing, we’ve got a lot more training to choose from!


Lesson 41: Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks

Premiere not working correctly? See how media cache is the key to solving some frustrating issues you might run into

Lesson 42: The Power of the Match Frame Tool

Discover how Match Frame can help save time and keep you organized by quickly locating source clips

Lesson 43: How to Edit Faster Using the Alt/Option Key

Want to become a faster editor? See all the ways that the Alt/Option key can streamline your workflow

Lesson 44: Dynamic Linking with After Effects

Everything you need to know about the many ways of working with After Effects in your cut

Lesson 45: Working with PSD Files from Photoshop

We’ll show you how to enhance a project by combining Photoshop with Premiere to animate a still image

Lesson 46: Editing with Mono vs. Stereo Audio

Learn the differences between these two types of audio and when you should be using each

Lesson 47: Track Patching and Advanced Nesting Tips

How to use nests to streamline large projects, work with effects and keep your timeline from getting out of control

Lesson 48: How to Quickly Rebuild a Lost Project

Losing a project isn’t a problem anymore using our fast and precise method of reconstructing your edit

Why learn Adobe Premiere Pro?

✔ Quick learning curve for new editors

✔ Interfaces with other Adobe software such as After Effects and Photoshop

✔ Similar functionality as many other editing programs to easily transfer your skills

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