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F64 Elite – 30 Day Photoshop Mastery


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How does it Work

30 Days To Photoshop Mastery is designed to take you by the hand and show you EXACTLY how to use Photoshop to create stunning, great-looking pictures.

Whether you’re a professional photographer or someone who wants to improve your image-making skills, 30 Days To Photoshop Mastery is designed to give you ALL the tools and techniques you need to bring you up to speed with Photoshop and create works of art from your photographs.

Once you’ve signed up, each day, you’ll receive an email with that day’s lesson. There will be additional resources… and if, at any time you have questions you can contact me personally, for help and advice.

It’s easy to get started, all YOU need to do is press the button below.


30 Day Photoshop Mastery


Day 1: Creative Cloud App
Day 2:The Three Parts to Photoshop
Day 3: Adobe Bridge Overview
Day 4: Adobe Camera Raw
Day 5: ACR Local Tools
Day 6: The Photoshop Interface and Workspace
Day 7: Layers
Day 8: Adjustment Layers
Day 9: Opacity and Fill
Day 10: Blend Modes
Day 11: Blend If
Day 12: Blend If and Adjustment Layers
Day 13: Intro to Masking
Day 14: Clipping Masks
Day 15: Selections & Masks
Day 16: Select & Mask and Select Subject
Day 17: Range Selections and Masks
Day 18: Cleanup Tools
Day 19: Content Aware Fill and Move
Day 20: Layer Transformations
Day 21: Filters- Creative Effects
Day 22: Noise Reduction and Sharpening Filters
Day 23: ACR As a Filter
Day 24: Smart Objects and Smart Filters
Day 25: Actions in Photoshop
Day 26: Custom Brushes in Photoshop
Day 27: Full Portrait Workflow
Day 28: Landscape Workflow in Photoshop
Day 29: Architecture Workflow
Day 30: The Many Ways of Ps
Day 31: What’s Next
Follow Up Live Event Replay Q&A

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