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[Group Buy] Erotic Touch Video Course: Make Love With Your Hands


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Learn How To Make Love With Your Hands

Why We Created The Erotic Touch Video Course?

Pope John Paul II once said, “The hands are the heart’s landscape.” Touch affects our entire organism. It’s ten times stronger than verbal or emotional contact and it affects everything we do.

No other sense can heal and arouse like the power of touch. Our hands are the most incredible tools of the human body and yet we have no idea how to use them to give pleasure.

Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain ~ Carl Jung.

There are many different types of touch:

  • Caressing
  • Stroking
  • Tickling
  • Squeezing
  • Tapping
  • Soft & Firm

There is nothing more erotic, sensual, powerful and healing than being deeply touched by your lover. When you learn how to give and receive this type of erotic touch, you and your lover will experience pleasure like never before.

Who Is This Course For?

  • If You’re Single/Explorer – Learn A Variety Of New Ways of Touch And Pleasure Yourself.
  • If You’re In A Relationship – Learn A Variety of Grips and Strokes and Touch Your Lover In Ways You Never Have Before.
  • If You’re Married – Deepen or Rekindle Your Connection Through Erotic Touch.

Benefits For Him & Her

  • Your body relaxes, opens and releases blocked energy.
  • Your overall libido increases.
  • You learn how your lover’s body wants to be touched.
  • You start feeling sensations and develop body awareness like never before.
  • You gain a deeper understanding of your lover’s desires and sexual preferences.

Who Is Jaya & How Does She Know This Stuff?

My friend Jaya is Certified Tantra and Yoga Teacher who also happens to have a Masters degree in law.

She has worked with thousands of individuals over the years, helping singles and couples expand their knowledge and understanding about sexuality.

She teaches these ancient arts to people who are not comfortable in spiritual settings and uses simple language to easily understand the techniques.

Her client list includes, celebrities, high level CEO’s and Royalty.

She created these videos to show men, women and couples, the depth of intimacy and the variety of pleasures that are available to us.

What You Will Learn

  • A variety of hand movements and combinations so you can explore with confidence.
  • You learn what your lover’s body wants and how it responds to certain types of touch.
  • You gain a deeper understanding of your lover’s desires and sexual preferences.
  • You learn how to communicate with your touch and give pleasure like never before.

Erotic Touch Video Course

Video 1 Erotic Touch For Her – Awakening A Woman’s Sensuality

  • She learns how to deeply relax into pleasure and feel her body like never before.
  • Her lover learns how to bring her into a state of sexual safety, ecstasy and comfort so all her mental and emotional worries are released.
  • She learns how to feel subtle sensations including waves or orgasmic energy.
  • Her lover learns how to read her body and respond with the right touch and stimulation.

Video 2 Erotic Touch For Him – Awakening A Man’s Sensuality

  • The purpose of this massage is NOT to get a man to ejaculate as fast as possible, instead it’s to expand his ability to receive pleasure and feel various types of sensations.
  • A man learns how to slow down and allow himself to receive many different types of sensations and pleasure.
  • His lover learns how to touch him sensually by using a variety of grips and strokes. You learn more advanced techniques that include massaging his testicles and perineum.
  • His lover learns the ancient art of giving what’s known as a Lingam Massage. Lingam is the Sanskrit word for Penis which means “Wand of Light.” Learn how to arouse his sensuality.

Video 3 Erotic Breast & Nipple Massage

  • For many women her breasts and nipples are an incredible source of exquisite pleasure. The nipples alone have over 800 nerve endings.
  • A woman can experience variety of sensations from this type of touch. Sometimes she can go into a deep meditative state, another time she can experience very powerful nipple orgasms, or she may not feel anything at all.
  • How much pleasure or sensation she experiences can be different every time as her responses depend on her monthly cycle as well as her openness to receive this type of touch.
  • A woman’s breasts are one of the most sensitive and delicate parts of her body. It’s her primal centers for feelings, emotions, nourishment and love.

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