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How to date an infinite flow of incredibly hot women on Tinder and other dating apps thanks to the pendulum-effect. Even if you’re not good looking, have no matches and have no clue what to say

From: Louis Farfields a.k.a. The TextGod

In a minute I’m going to explain to you how you too can date more and hotter women than you’ve ever imagined.

I’m going to share with you a crazy unexpected method I discovered that I call the pendulum-effect.

But first, let me tell you who I am and why you should listen to me.

Hi, my name is Louis.

Today I’m world’s #1 online dating coach with over 6 million annual readers.

TextGod Followers all over the world are using my strategies to date the hottest women.

But I wasn’t always successful with women.

I wasted all of my teenage years playing World of Warcraft.

Others were hitting the clubs, I was hitting orcs. Proudly defending my ‘Merciless Gladiator’ title.

Massively insecure about my body (I hit puberty just before my 20th birthday) I had tonnes of excuses not to talk to girls.

Yes, there was this one girl I had known for years.

I had a huge crush on her.

And occasionally we hang out.

In my head I was going over the entire evening. How it would go. And how we would fall in love and have an amazing time together.

But it never worked out that way.

One day I brought one of my best buddies and we hang out with the three of us.

The next day I gave him a call, to ask him if he thinks she likes me.

But before I got the change, he started:

‘Bro, after we left yesterday, I went back to her place. And we had s*x.’

My heard skipped a beat. Something inside of me snapped.

This hit me harder than a cannonball…

I broke down in tears. And I felt seriously depressed for months.

But then I made a decision. This would never happen to me again.

I decided to master this dating thing with the same dedication I had for gaming.

I followed courses on anything even REMOTELY related.

Storytelling. Screenwriting. Comedy.

I spent thousands of dollars on training and even befriended some of the world’s most famous dating coaches.

Through constant testing, analysis and the search for newer and better conversation-techniques, I became ‘pretty’ good to say the least.

And then it finally hit me:

I cracked the code.

There is one thing that no-one gets… That is not taught anywhere… That makes all the difference.

One thing that right away sets you apart from all the other guys she’s dating.

That makes all those other guys obsolete and make her completely focus on you from the second she sees your profile and talks to you…

The one thing nobody is talking about and only some guys do by accident without understanding why they are getting results.

I started dating girls that even my most social and attractive friends were jealous of.

Over The Top TextGame – TextGod

  • How to encourage girls to behave in a sexual way around you
  • A conversation where I SCREW UP. Everyone always shows their best stuff, the flawless game where everything runs smoothly. I choose to show you a conversation where I get rejected. Probably the most educational conversation in the whole workshop
  • How you can use scientific research by Harvard University to move her from Tinder to the texting app of your choice
  • Story of a wild high-value girl who destroyed a student of mine on a date. And how I tamed her and made her fall in love
  • 42 Emotional words to use in your texts
  • What to do when a girl calls you out on your age, saying “you’re too young” or “you’re too old”
  • The correct way to use self-deprecating humor (one of the most effective weapons to seduce girls)
  • How I use emojis even though I always tell people not to use them. This one way helps you stand out
  • 9 Examples of Instagram stories that are compelling for her to react to, and easy for you to copy
  • 2 Quick videos of how my best wingmen approach girls in real life
  • One mindf*ck to apply when girls try to “take over the frame”. This helps you to stay calm and in control.
  • A crucial mistake many guys make that triggers her LOGICAL mind (instead of her emotional mind). This makes her interview you, ruins the fun vibe, and causes you to come across as a boring, regular guy
  • What to do when she texts the dreaded “haha” or “:)”
  • The #1 ingredient to build a CONNECTION
  • My go-to line when girls ask where I’m from + a follow up text to tease them
  • The best ways to pass her tests like they never happened
  • A trick to come across as very intelligent, without bragging or looking like an ass
  • How to create the deepest of deep connections: The Hollywood Moment
  • How to turn a conversation around: from her rejecting me to her wanting to fly over to my country to meet me
  • Edgy stuff: How to make out with your Tinder match without speaking a word to her in real life
  • My secrets to sending voice messages that make girls melt for you
  • A sign on WhatsApp that tells you she’s really into you
  • A gif you can use to make sure she understands you are joking
  • One simple trick to make girls say the things you like
  • The #1 rule to follow to smoothly move a Tinder conversation to a any other texting app like WhatsApp or WeChat

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