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Deshayla Flowers – The Affiliate Beast (2.08 GB)

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Download Deshayla Flowers – The Affiliate Beast (2.08 GB) from Marketing


  • 01-Module 1 Getting Started

    • 01-intro video.mp4
    • 02-How Affiliate Marketing Works.mp4
    • 03-Where to find products to promote.mp4
    • 04-What are email autoresponders.mp4
    • 05-What is a landing page.mp4

  • 02-Module 2 Getting Setting Up with Clickfunnels and Getresponse

    • 01-Setting Up Clickfunnels.mp4
    • 02-Setting Up Landing Pages.mp4
    • 03-Getting Setup with Getresponse.mp4
    • 04-Connecting Getresponse with Clickfunnels.mp4
    • 05-How to add email follow up to your email autoresponder.mp4

  • 03-Module 3 Setting Up Your Youtube Channel

    • 01-How to get a logo made for your channel.mp4
    • 02-How to Create a Youtube Channel and Optimize It.mp4
    • 03-How to Veritfy Your Youtube Channel.mp4

  • 04-Module 4 Make Affiliate Sales with Youtube Traffic

    • 01-How to Make Videos without Showing Your Face.mp4
    • 02-How to Get Views with Trending Videos in Your Niche Part 1.mp4
    • 03-How to find video topics part 2.mp4
    • 04-Launch Jacking VS Product Reviews.mp4
    • 05-How to find products to do reviews on.mp4
    • 06-How to Get Approved to Promote Products.mp4
    • 07-Creating Bonuses.mp4

  • 05 – Paid Traffic Sources

    • 01-Solo Ad Traffic.mp4
    • 02-How to Setup Your Facebook Fan Page.mp4
    • 03-Landing Pages for Facebook Ads And Getting Facebook Compliant.mp4
    • 04-Installing the Facebook Pixel.mp4
    • 05-How to find your target audience.mp4
    • 06-The Different Facebook Ad Types.mp4
    • 07-Setting Up Your First Facebook Ad.mp4


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    • 07PinBoost-Anatomy-1280×720.mp4
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Deshayla Flowers – The Affiliate Beast

This course was created because I have gotten a TON of instagram dm’s and facebook messages asking me for mentoring/one on one consulting. Since I do not have enough time to coach everyone one on one, I thought I would just create a training course with group mentoring included.

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