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David Bond – Digital Pickup 2.0


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Digital Pickup 2.0

A system for meeting women online so effective it should be illegal.

When You Find Out How I’m Doing This You’re Going to Be Sick

I have a confession to make. I’ve met hundreds of beautiful women online, by cheating.

Do you want to know truth about online dating now?

Everything is controlled by algorithms. Tinder, Instagram, Bumble, Hing all have algorithms – and once you know how to trick them…everything changes

The reality is the online dating world is rigged against men.

The “online dating” industry makes millions of dollars exploiting men’s desire to meet women with bot accounts, algorithms that hide your profile unless you pay, even charging men a fee to simply message a girl.

Tinder for example gives you a “desirability” score based on how many girls swipe right on you, and if your score is low less girls will see your profile.

Tinder also intentionally chokes your profile’s visibility unless you pay them for boosts. On top of all of this, Tinder even will charge you more money based on your age and location.

10x Your Matches

Do you struggle to get matches? Do you struggle to get girls to reply? Have you ever reset your account to “fix it” and nothing changes?

It’s not your photos, it’s not your bio.

It’s the algorithm.

There’s two things killing your profile:

1- Your profiles age

2- Your “desirability score”

If you “delete” your Tinder profile and make a new one, Tinder still knows it’s you if you use the same phone number, or even worse login with your “facebook” account – by the way delete facebook immediately.

If you perform what I call a “hard reset” by creating a new profile with a new number, new email & after clearing the app cache – Tinder will think you’re a completely new user.

Guess what? New accounts get a “24 hour” fresh account boost.

Tinder wants new user’s experience on the app to be really positive, so they flood you with attention – a common marketing practice.

What about your desirability score? Tinder revealed on their official blog that each user has a score based on how “they interact” with the app and how other profiles “interact” with them – basically if a lot of people like you, your score goes up.

How You Got from Text to Date

One of the biggest problems guys have is how to text girls in a way that results in a date…

The reality is this is probably the EASIEST thing to fix once you just STOP doing a few things.

Most guys text women like a homeless man begs for money, asking non-stop questions, asking dead end questions, or even worse asking girls to meet up in the wrong way.

You need to understand that you are just ONE guy in a SEA of other guys fighting for a cute girls attention – and sometimes you need to do extreme or weird things to grab that attention.

I will reveal to you how I text women in a way that makes them want to meet up – I will also give you examples.

Have you ever had a girl suddenly stop responding to your texts?

We all have – well there’s a few magical sentences that can re-open the conversation…

Don’t believe me? Open your phone right now and text that girl who’s been ignoring you one of these:

“hey, can I ask you something weird?”

“…lol I just met a guy who said he knows you” “wtf I just saw you on the news”

David Bond – Digital Pickup 2.0

  • 01. Refund Hoping 2.0.mp4
  • 02. The Fake Celebrity Trick.mp4
  • 03. The Secret Dating Site.mp4
  • 04. Browser First Method.mp4
  • 05. Instagram# Close Friends Trick.mp4
  • 06. Threesomes & Beyond.mp4
  • 07. 3 Tap Ban Trap.mp4
  • 08. GoPro Sex – A Guide.mp4
  • 09. The #1 Dating Hack.mp4
  • Bonus 2.0
    • 01. Inviting 2 Tinder Girls Over Same Time.mp4
    • 02. Dildo Shopping w. the girls.mp4
    • 03. Taking two girls to the beach + foursome.mp4
    • 04. Nicaragua Vlog.mp4

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