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DARE CINEMA – DSLR Video Cinemagraphs


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This course is for you if…

You’ve seen cinemagraphs online and have no idea how to make your own.

You struggle to capture artistic video with your DSLR consistently.

You’ve tried to create animations before but the results weren’t great.

Imagine you could…

  • Shoot professional-quality video with your DSLR confidently.
  • Know step by step how to animate your images and videos.
  • Master the creation of attention-grabbing cinemagraphs.

What You’ll Learn


Let’s go over everything we are going to cover in this course!

Quick Orientation

Why shoot DSLR Video anyways? Defining and discussing the 5 key factors which affect DSLR video shooting. Getting the filmic look with shallow depth of field. The use of filters to maximize your le…

Indoor Cinemagraphs

In this lesson, we will go over common camera settings for filming indoors, how to find the right repetitive motion for your cinemagraph, turning your video file into a cinemagraph using Photoshop,…

Capturing Video without an ND

Shooting in the shade to keep your exposure under control with a wide-open aperture. Learn the problems that overlapped motion causes. Examining the effect of aperture on your depth of field.

Reversing Video for a Cinemagraph

In this lesson, we will create a reversed video file for seamless cinemagraph looping.

Capturing an Outdoor Cinemagraph

In this lesson, we will learn how to shoot using a variable Neutral Density filter.

Nighttime Cinemagraphs

Using your aperture to expose your scene with the natural light from a candle. Creating a seamless loop in your main subject and its reflection.

Overlapping Motion Practice

Five additional sample files to practice reverse cinemagraphs for seamless looping.

Creating Cinemagraphs out of Existing Shots

Turning a timelapse of Paris into a seamless looping cinemagraph. Isolate traffic at nighttime and create a seamless cinemagraph.

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