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Daniel Kordan – Travel Photo – Editing Masterclass


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This Masterclass is for you, if

You’re passionate about Landscape, Travel, Wildlife photography

You want to Master impressive photo-editing skills in a short period of time

You want to learn signature Daniel’s techniques for all situations: nature, city, travel

You want to market yourself as a pro photographer and develop your style

What will You Learn?

5 Hours of Editing techniques explained on multiple examples!


Learn to isolate animal portrait from the background, work with fur texture, color grade portrait, work with light&shadows. Edit with multiple examples: orangutan portrait and family in natural scene. Edit Lions in Africa – dark and high key.

HDR Pano

Discover what colors hide in the flaming sky and learn how to bring them out. Learn to stitch a panorama and post process it using signature softening techniques. Lightroom Classic and PS workflow.


Learn to edit classical travel photo from Japan. Suitable for very beginners too, as Daniel explains everything step by step, every tool explained. From RAW file until the very final result!


Advanced technique techniques explained in a few easy steps. Focus stacking is used to extend depth of field, overcome physical limitations and bring to life 3D-like images.


Learn to edit Night photos and Night Panorama, bring balanced colors of the milky way and reveal the potential of Light painting. Learn Daniel’s Signature workflow.


Learn to edit cityscapes, including daytime photo processing from Dubai, night photo color grading and cityscape panorama stitching.  Discover Time Blending.

Here’s the summary of what you will get:


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