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How Does ANOTHER Quarter Without Predictable Lead Flow Sound? No Thanks?

As a bootstrapped SaaS founder, every demo on your calendar matters.

But most months?

Your calendar is spotty at best, empty at worst…

And whether you’re still increasing your MRR by word of mouth, or you’re laced with Red Bull hustling 60 hours a week – yet STILL only squeezing a few demos onto your calendar…

You KNOW lead gen is your #1 growth lever – and also your #1 bottleneck.

You know you should be attracting more ready-to-buy prospects than you are right now…

But you can’t figure out for the life of you how to get a steady flow of leads on your calendar without the low-yield ‘hustle your face off’ marketing strategies you’ve been using.

And if that sounds about right, then keep reading…

Because what you’re about to find out could EASILY be the most pivotal thing you look back on in a few weeks when your pipeline is FULL of new opportunities and you’re onboarding tons of happy customers…

“I Know I Need To Make Some Investments In The Business…But Sh*t, I Only Got 2 Demos This Week, And 1 Next Week!”

Sound familiar?

You want to make an investment in marketing or something else to take some pressure off…

But when you look at your billing metrics…when you see the lack of cashflow…when you look at your Google calendar…

Your heart sinks to the bottom of the ocean and you start gasping for air:

Yeah, it’s gonna be another one of “those months”.

Does your calendar look like that?

Do you have a whole lot of Zoom calls with your team, but not enough demos to scale your MRR? Even though…

You just paid an invoice to ANOTHER agency who promised to “fill your pipeline to the rim with qualified demos”…

But when you look at their latest report in your marketing channel, all you see is:

•   Lots of “things happening”…
•   Social media and website being revamped (again)…
•   Ad spend going up (as usual)…

All shine, but still an empty pipeline. Marketing stuff happening – but still NO DEMOS ON THE CALENDAR.

And as much as they tell you to “trust their process” and wait for them to “optimize the data for better targeting”…

You just can’t help but ask yourself…

“What am I even paying these guys for?!”

So you do what you always do. You roll up your sleeves, fire up the home laptop, and you start sending outbound emails at 8pm on Friday night.

“Not now darling, I’m almost finished. Just give me another half an hour.”

You’ve got to fill the calendar, and fast. Your won deals are only bringing in enough to replace those churning…

And I bet just this month you got news from your customer success manager that one of your biggest clients hasn’t logged in, for WEEKS.

You rush to check your usage metrics in fear and disbelief…

And it’s true, you can see for yourself they’re not going to be around much longer…

It’s just a matter of time before they leave, and YOU lose another 10% of your MRR.

You’ve only got a few months left of runway before sh!t hits the fan…

You want your family to understand. You want your partner to understand you’re doing all of this for the future…

But it’s getting pretty bad. You’ve been trying to figure this out for YEARS, and STILL you’re pulling all nighters and neglecting everything else.

What if instead of that mess, you figured out lead gen, and you were getting messages from your co-founder saying:

“We’re onboarding so many customers, we need another customer success rep!”

You pull up your calendar and for the first time ever, you’re smiling ear to ear.

It’s FINALLY stacked full of sales opportunities…

You find yourself logging into ProfitWell to discover new MRR, every single day…

The numbers are different today than yesterday.

A few weeks go by, and you’re waiting for the things to trend down like they usually do…

You’re waiting for the opportunities to dry up…

But instead, you continue trending up and up! And you can’t help but wonder…

“Is this it? Have we FINALLY figured it out?”

^ This is your new normal…

You went from 1-2 new sales per week, to 1-2 new sales per day.

And every day when you open your email, you see more opportunities trickling in:

“New Scheduled Meeting: [Prospect Name, Product Demo]”

“New Scheduled Meeting: [Prospect Name, Product Demo]”

“New Scheduled Meeting: [Prospect Name, Product Demo]”

And even more amazingly, you’re getting less demo requests from emails ending in @gmail.com and instead from emails ending in @company.com…

The same companies you’ve respected and dreamed of having as clients ever since you started.

And on team meetings, instead of tense conversations about “how to get more sales”…

You even have to bring your team together to solve for the fact you have TOO many new clients to onboard.

Your new amazing problem is that your pipeline is TOO full. And you have to handle a massive onboarding…

You post a job for a new customer success person. And you also confidently publish a job post for that key marketing hire — excited and WILLING to invest the cash (not secretly worrying about how long you’ll be able to “afford” them).

You’ve finally bought your time back, you’ve finally achieved lead gen at scale…

And you can finally say YES:

“Yes, we CAN go camping this weekend!”

Congrats. You can confidently take some time away without the guilt or paralysing fear of things going to hell while you’re away.

And THAT’s what building your SaaS should look like.

As a founder who has built a product that solves a real need in your industry…

You SHOULD be able to get in front of your dream prospect easily without hustling doing low-yield marketing activities…

And you SHOULD be able to steadily grow your MRR without burning through your existing network (for the third or fourth time), and working till 11pm after the family has gone to bed.

So why haven’t you? The answer may surprise you.

Here’s The REAL Reason You’ve Still Got A Lumpy Growth Curve

When you first started your SaaS, you spotted the problem, built a great product, then took it to those in your network.

That’s where your initial MMR spike came from.

But when the referrals slowed down and customers started to churn, that’s when you ran into the lumpy growth curve you’re dealing with now.

And it’s not your fault. Actually, meeting existing demand is the right approach at an early stage while you’re cracking product-market fit.

But what got you here, won’t get you there.

It’s time to stop just capturing demand. And instead start creating demand for your product. That’s the ONLY way to break free from the rollercoaster revenue you have now.

There’s A Difference Between Capturing Demand & Creating Demand.

When you have the skills as a founder to create demand quickly and effectively…

You’ll finally crack lead gen at scale and stop throwing whatever you can at the wall hoping something will stick.

But who has ever walked you through CREATING demand? And how can you create demand with the skills you already have, create the demand easily, and get results quickly.

Most lead-generation strategies are too time consuming or require advanced skills where you need to make another hire.

And even if they do “work”,  they may take months to pay-off (looking at you, SEO), which doesn’t help when you’re not even sure how much runway you’ll have left by the end of next quarter.

As a founder who’s STILL responsible for your company’s growth…

You’re responsible for executing strategies that can create new demand almost as soon as you start using them.

SaaS founders who’ve scaled beyond $50k/MRR are often the ones who’ve mastered these simple founder-driven lead-gen strategies… and can now create demand (and demo calls) pretty much at will.

And they do it, not by hiring a marketing person. They learn to do it by themselves FIRST. And that’s what I want to show you too.

Over the last two decades I’ve learnt how to create demand as a founder, without working all the hours of every day.

Playbook #1: Reactivation Emailer™

This sneaky (yet ethical) email hijacks the attention of your customers. It’s a super simple yet devastatingly effective lead gen strategy that can transform your SaaS. And takes 5 minutes to implement!

Playbook #2: The Lead Magnet Builder™

Ready to capture and convert your traffic? The Lead Magnet Builder™ is the cornerstone to creating demand and building authority for a bootstrapped SaaS.

This playbook reveals how you can create a lead magnet quickly that gets people to download and ALSO makes them more likely to buy your product.

Inside you’ll also learn:

  • The Easiest Way To Make People Gobble Up Your Lead Magnets Quicker Than A Tesla Going From 0-60 Mph.
  • How To Research What Your Market Really Wants… So You Don’t Waste Time Building Boring Lead Magnets. (After This, You’ll Have Clarity On EXACTLY What They Want And How To Build It For Them.)
  • The S.A.G.E. Framework For Crafting A Lead Magnet That Cuts Through The Noise Like A Hot Knife Through Butter And Catches The Attention Of Your Ideal Prospects.

Playbook #3: LinkedIn Ads Blueprint

In this playbook, you’ll discover how to put together profitable LinkedIn ads that generate tons of “piping hot” leads WITHOUT complicated sales funnels or marketing assets.

Simply follow the step-by-step blueprint inside the playbook to build your ad, then launch your ad on a super low budget, and start creating demand and turbocharging MRR. You can be up and running in less than a day.

Inside This Playbook You’ll Learn:

  • 4 Steps To Make Your LinkedIn Ad Write Itself! 8-Figure Agency Owner (That Spends Over $30M+/Year On Paid Acquisition) Dev Basu Shares His Tactics For Writing Killer LinkedIn Ads In Just Minutes.
  • How To Use The “Dog Whistle Strategy” To Attract Highly Profitable DREAM Customers In Your Marketplace…PLUS – Exactly What Never To Do In Your Marketing (This Almost Guarantees You Won’t Convert As Many Leads Into Customers).
  • How PointClickCare.Com (A Healthcare Company Selling To Hospitals) Achieved A 1.7% CTR While ONLY Paying $35/Demo… For An ACV Of $150,000/Year!

Playbook #4: Strategic Partner Playbook™

All my best clients who are growing 2-3X per year have a partnership strategy in place!

It doesn’t matter if you serve SMB, mid-market, or enterprise. This strategy is so freaking powerful it’s going to break your customer success department due to the overwhelming demo request volume!

Inside This Playbook, You’ll Learn:

  • How To Identify And Get In Front Of Your Perfect Partners (This One Framework Will Show You How To Dial-In Who You Want To Partner With… And How You Can Actually Find Them).
  • How One Of My Coaching Clients Chris Ronzio @ Trainual Got Michael Gerber, The Multi NYT Best-Selling Author Of The Book E-Myth As A Strategic Partner!
  • How I Got Mailchimp As A Strategic Partner In The Early Days Of My Startup Flowtown – Allowing Us To Achieve Cashflow Breakeven Within The First 90 Days!
  • How Flowtown Was Also Able To Bootstrap Off The Back Of INCREDIBLE Partners Like Constant Contact, Formstack, Wufoo, Badge Books And Many More… (This Is The #1 Reason My Startup Took-Off Without Raising Any Funding)
  • The “Partner Pipeline” Framework That Took David Lecko @ DealMachine From $120k To $750k MRR In 11 Short Months! (This Is The Missing Link To A Flood Of The Most Highly-Qualified And Cashed-Up Customers Waiting In Line To Do Business With You).

Playbook #5: Outbound Pipeline Builder™

What exactly IS an awesome outbound pipeline – and how can you build it? This playbook is packed with my best secrets for increasing response and conversion. These are strategies you can deploy immediately on your next prospecting session…

Inside this playbook you’ll learn what most SaaS founders get wrong when building an outbound pipeline (this is a costly mistake that instantly kills responses and sales)…

And you’ll also learn the easiest way to penetrate through internal compliance… get to the actual decision maker… and provide value in the initial phone call.

Greg @ Growbots created this strategy and his team used it to rocket from $0 to $5M ARR in their first 21 months! This method is super underestimated by most SaaS companies. But it’s perfect for the early days and it WORKS.

What Would A Full Calendar of Qualified Demos Be Worth To You?

What if you could FINALLY create a steady stream of sales demos using just a few easy-to-execute playbooks?

No more hustling all day to get one demo call…

No more lead-gen strategies that require a high-paid contractor to pull off.

No more hitting publish and getting crickets every time you try something…

Instead, all you have to do is plug n’ play the founder-friendly strategies in The Lightning Bolt Lead Gen Stack™ and watch as new demos go from trickling onto your calendar every week, to POURING onto your calendar every day.

Surely, that’s worth thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars to your business in added MRR…

But for a fraction of that, you can get access today, for a small investment of $97. (That’s less than ONE HOUR with most marketing freelancers.)

Sales Page:_https://checkout.saasacademy.com/lightning-bolt-lead-gen-stack-b?

Delivery time: 12 -24hrs after paid


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