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Sold Out Courses (Prev Sold For $4,997)

This program includes everything you need to know to turn your expertise into a profitable online business. We cover offer creation, audience growth, advertising, and scale so that you can use your knowledge to make a profitable impact.

High Ticket Selling (Prev Sold For $9,997)

Everything you need to know to create, market, and sell a high ticket offer. This program covers the entire process from offer creation to phone sales and is designed to get you results as fast as possible, even if you’ve never sold high ticket before!

Call Setting Mastery (Prev Sold For $497)

Learn our entire process for how to fill your calendar with booked calls by having simple conversations with your ideal clients on messenger.

30 Days to $100K (Prev Sold For $297)

This training covers how we sold our first $100k in only 30 days! The training is broken down into daily steps & includes a guide so that you can get your first sales even if you have no existing audience.

7 Figure Mindset Masterclass (Prev Sold For $97)

Get my first mindset training I ever did, with golden nuggets galore! Learn the exact mind shifts I made that took me from the poor house to the penthouse! These are key ways of thinking that ALL millionaires possess, and if you want to be one, you’ll need these too.

Legendary Productivity (Prev Sold For $997)

Learn the secrets of how an 8 Figure CEO structures meetings, delegates tasks, communicates, manages projects to massively increase productivity in your life & business.

60 Seconds To Profit (Prev Sold For $297)

Learn how to make high converting instagram ads that are less than 60 seconds long, and my exact repeatable high converting frameworks!

Funnel & Ads for Entrepreneurs (Prev Sold For $1,997)

Gives you the basics of marketing online and running ads that convert. This program helped thousands of people get started in the online marketing space.

Scaling With Books (Prev Sold For $497)

Listen in as I review exactly how I wrote the book that brought in over $15 million dollars to my business. This is an intro training to getting clients by writing books.

Whiteboard Webinar Challenge (Prev Sold For $97)

Learn how to sell on demand using nothing but a whiteboard and a marker. My whiteboard webinars convert 300% better than slides, and take 1/10th the time to create. I’ll show you how to do them!

Get Account Back (Prev Sold For $47)

GAB shows you how to prevent your ad account from getting shutdown, recover one that has been suspended, and even create a new one even if FB has banned you completely.

Offers 101 Masterclass (Prev Sold For $497)

Get my offer creation course with included “Offer grader” so you can increase your score before you spend money on promoting your offer, and make sure it’s as dialed in as possible!

Conference Profits (Prev Sold For $7)

Learn how I generate 6 figures every time just by attending and networking at conferences, and even how to run ads to the attendees that help you sell before you get there!

Plug N Play Course Creation Slides (Prev Sold For $97)

Download my course slide templates I use to make all my multi million dollar courses! Take hours of work and planning out of the process and stick with a proven framework!

YouTube Ads For Courses (Prev Sold For $997)

Learn how to leverage the largest search engine on the planet to sell out your course! The entire YouTube ads process is covered in this training including; targeting, ad creation, scaling, and an entire ad campaign walkthrough.

YouTube Ads For High Ticket Funnels (Prev Sold For $1,997)

Learn how to add 6 figures to your revenue by following the steps of a YouTube Ads expert who has reversed engineered thousands of ads, and then applying it to over 50+ successful campaign launches.

Digital Millionaire Secrets Audiobook (Prev Sold For $30)

Listen in as Dan shares the exact blueprint for packaging, advertising, and successfully selling your advice online. In this audiobook Dan shares the secrets he learned going from complete beginner to over $15 million dollars earned. Everything from offer creation to advertising is covered so that you can get started on your journey to becoming a Digital Millionaire today!

Modern Day Copy (Prev Sold For $997)

My legendary copywriting course I train all my own copywriters on. Learn to write copy that not only converts, but doesn’t get your ad account shut down!

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