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Craigslist Middleman – Ultimate Craigslist Middleman Strategy Blueprint


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Inside You’ll Get the Following…

Step 1

Learn How to Get Clients for a website design or logo design services.

(You can simply use my methods when you’re in). 😉

I also share my client acquisition strategy 💸

Step 2

I then will show you how to 
to get clients & get them on the phone like crazy. 

The way my strategy is set up, will bring clients through the door for website & logo design that will range between

$500 – $3500 depending

on what the client wants.

(In the program I show you how to price things properly).

Step 3

Closing the client via phone or text at this point you’ll have cash in your account. All you have to do is find a designer now.

(I show you exactly how I close clients, very simple 🔥). 

Step 4

At this point you already have cash in hand  so all you’ll have to do here is get a designer to do the work for you. Which is about 10% of what the client paid you! You’ll keep 90% profit

(You only focus on closing the deal & you outsource the rest).

(I show you exactly how to do this in the program and a list of the designers I use). 😉

Summary Of What You Get

  • Step by step, A – Z guidance on how to successfully launch the “Craigslist Middleman” for yourself
  • ​​​The exacts ads and posts that I use on Craigslist to get clients reaching out to me
  • ​My exact Craigslist Headlines and Body Copy
  • ​How I Set Up a Craigslist Ad for Success
  • ​A list of the top designers that I’ve used on Fiverr time and time again
  • ​The top 10 niches to sell on Craigslist as the middleman
  • ​How I started making 6 figures in college while balancing life, school work, the gym, etc.
  • ​How to properly set up your payment processor to accept payments from your clients
  • ​How I get my photos for ads
  • ​A list of the top 20 cities I found that work best for the Craigslist Middleman

Sales Page:_https://www.thecraigslistmiddleman.com/vsl1651625104883