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Attention Burned Out Entrepreneurs…

The “Drunk Farmer’s” 15-Minute Routine For Accomplishing Twice as Much in Half the Time
Discover How More Than 8,371 Hard-Charging Entrepreneurs Are Finishing their Days by 2PM and Unlocking More Freedom and Family Time Than

Ever (WITHOUT Joining the “5AM Club,” Doing Crazy Routines, or Using Weird Biohacks)

“Am I going to die?”

I looked up at him from my sweat drenched hospital bed.

Fear gripping my chest, IV tubes hanging from my arms, wondering if THIS is how it would end.

Was I REALLY about to die… at 31 years old… on New Year’s Day… only a few weeks after achieving one of the biggest successes of my career?

As I laid there… repeating “don’t die, don’t die, don’t die” to myself over and over again.

I couldn’t help but wonder…

How did this happen… to ME?

Where did I go SO wrong?

Like many of you… I prided myself on being an unstoppable high-performer.

The kind of guy who got the job done no matter what.

  • I would wake up at 4 am every morning, down a shot of pre workout, and go straight to the gym
  • ​I worked tirelessly to grow my business, doing whatever it took to hit my goals and breakthrough to the next level
  • ​I meditated, ate clean, and was in great shape… heck at one point I was even featured in GQ
  • ​And only two weeks earlier… I achieved one of my lifelong goals and grossed my first 7-figures as an entrepreneur

I had it made.

At least…

That’s what everyone else thought.

But the ugly truth was… I was struggling.

My business had taken over my life and the insane hours, crazy stress levels, and constant anxiety were killing me.

Maybe you can relate?

  • Pushing through 12, 16, even 18 hour work days, even falling asleep at my laptop just to keep my business afloat…
  • Binge drinking 3-4 nights a week just so I could “turn off” and escape from the crushing sense that I wasn’t doing enough…
  • ​Shutting out my friends and family–even breaking up with my girlfriend at the time!–because I didn’t want them to “distract” me from my goals…
  • ​Giving up my hobbies, passions, and personal time to go “all in” on my dreams… and leaving nothing in the tank for myself
  • Even though everything looked great on paper… it was a dark time in my life.

But that terrifying night in the ER ultimately led me to a breakthrough discovery that changed my life, and the lives of thousands of my clients, forever.

Imagine how it would feel to accomplish so much before lunch time… that it leaves everyone around you wondering if you’re even human as you breeze through your biggest projects and goals before they’re done checking email.

And what’s more… if you were able to do it WITHOUT the stress, anxiety, guilt, and overwhelm and WITHOUT giving up the things that matter most?

I know this sounds like a pretty bold claim, but as you’re about to see…

Top entrepreneurs are already taking advantage of this discovery to dominate their biggest goals… knockout their to-do list like a UFC fighter… all while making it home in time for dinner and having more free time than ever to enjoy the things they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

When I Made My First Million I Didn’t Know

It Would Almost Kill me!
Hi, my name is Craig Ballantyne.

Today, I’m a mentor to over 250 millionaires, serial entrepreneur, and best-selling author. Two years ago Entrepreneur Magazine™ named me a “Business Titan” and “Social Media Guru”.

But my life wasn’t always like this…

And even though the story I mentioned about the ER happened more than 10 years ago…

…The same time my fitness business, Turbulence Training blew up and crossed “two commas” in revenue.

The real “origin story” goes back even further.

Flash back to 2006…

When I finally quit my 60-hour a week J.O.B. as a glorified towel boy (read: personal trainer) at a big city gym and went all in on my first business.

Even though I was doing “ok”

…I couldn’t seem to get ahead.

Like you, I desperately wanted more out of life…

I had big dreams and goals.

I just didn’t know how to achieve them.

So I decided to do what MOST high-performers today do and simply “Hustle” my way to the top.


A personalized, no frills, no b.s. 21-day challenge designed to supercharge your productivity, motivation, and energy.

Unlike other popular morning routine books and courses out there…

…This program isn’t some “one size fits all” approach that’s going to make your life harder and more stressful than it already is.

  • You won’t need to give up your social life and say “no” to every dinner invite or concert just so you can go to bed at 8 pm and join the over-hyped “5 am club”… in fact, this system works whether you wake up at 5 am, 9 am, or even 11 am!
  • You won’t need to spend your finite willpower and motivation forcing yourself to struggle through hours of meditation, affirmations, or visualization… Instead, you’ll create a customized action plan to guarantee that you’re making massive progress on your biggest goals each and every day.
  • You won’t feel guilty for sleeping in after staying out late with friends or taking your spouse out to a late night movie… your morning routine will work for your life and your schedule so you can do the things you love guilt-free.
  • You won’t feel like your morning routine is yet another chore that you “have” to do… instead, you’ll wake up excited to attack your morning because you’ve created a customized blueprint specifically for your life and your goals.

And inside the Millionaire Morning Routine…

You’re given access to my entire morning routine system that’s been used by everyone from CEOs with 100s of employees and NYT best-selling authors to busy single moms and budding freelancers looking for their big break.

It’s A Simple, Step-By-Step Training That Can Be Completed In Just 5-10 Minutes A Day.

  • Showing you exactly what’s worked for me after 20+ years as an entrepreneur and multiple 7-figure successes–and helping you customize it for your life.
  • ​Revealing simple science-based principles you can use to get more done, increase your focus, and wake up feeling motivated and on fire every single day.
  • Giving you exactly what you need to build your perfect morning routine… and actually stick to it in only 21 short days.​

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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