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[GroupBuy] Closed And Paid (August 2023)


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Most ‘Closers’ Are Glorified Order Takers

They are only capable of closing lay down deals. Aka, Mr Prospect holds all the power. And you, the cLoSeRr, bends your knees at the first sign of a pushback because unfortunately, you are desperate for the sale. And Mr Prospect can smell that commission breath.

Here’s how it looks…

The prospect tells you what they want. And of course, you take it at face value. You present exactly that. On a silver platter. You “bUiLd tHe vALuE” as you were taught. You think you’ve got it in the bag.

But what happens?

They tell you they need to think about it… Weird right? They literally said i want X and now they’re not so sure. So you go into desperation mode, trying to convince the prospect to buy. You use all the objection handling techniques your favourite guru taught you on YT… Pure hopium… In the end, they stand firm. And next comes the desperate follow ups for weeks if not MONTHS… Life of a closer. Or at least that’s the normality for most.


We Collected 1M+ Cash In Less Than 6 Months

Tell me this… Do you walk into Rolex and think they show desperation for the sale? Absolutely not!

Do they make it easy to buy? Quite the opposite!

They tell you you can’t own one unless you already have one. They tell you you’ll have to join the waitlist. They maybe even tell you to buy another watch first.

You want it even more. Remember this…

Prospects want things that are premium, exclusive, and something they need to qualify for. They want something that doesn’t come easy. They want what others can’t get. And you need to position yourself in this way. Your service should be all of the above.

So you may be thinking to yourself… “That’s great, but I am not selling a Rolex! How would this work for me on my offer?”

Lucky you.

That is exactly what this course is for. Even if you sell bog standard marketing, insurance, PR, Biz Ops etc.

Meet Your Instructors: Rich and Ryan

Rich Lovatt, Coach aka Closed & Paid

My path to high ticket closing expertise is pretty unique.
I started while running my own fitness agency and I have an acting (film and tv) background.

I haven’t read a single sales book or bought a course.

This isn’t a brag, it just means I started and developed in this space without the ‘jargon’ you’d typically see from more experienced sales guys. It’s all been a natural progression finding my own way of doing things that work.

If you’ve been in the space for a while, you’ll no doubt understand that ‘closing’ is not black and white. There are no blanket statements. Which is why I don’t really concentrate on tactics. I don’t solely focus on ‘handling’ objections. My methods are evergreen. They’re rooted in principles and can be applied across the board.

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