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Earn Multiple Streams of Income (MSI) with the Clipping Academy Training


Create short-form content that goes viral and get thousands of clicks to affiliate links!

PERSONALITY CHANNELS: If you want to grow your influence, use this strategy to create your own content on your own channels and use the link in the bio to generate affiliate commissions.

FACELESS CHANNELS: If you prefer not to use your face then set up new channels and use AI tools to create shorts using OPC (Other Peoples Content) to promote affiliate offers in your bio.


Charge clients $3,000/mo, $5,000/mo or even $10,000/mo for your services

AGENCY ARBITRAGE: No need to have your own digital agency. You can team up with other community members and be the “middleman” and earn a 10% or 20% cut for clients you refer them.

​RUN YOUR OWN AGENCY: Or get clients yourself on monthly retainer and fulfill services for them using the skills that you learn inside of the training in the Clipping Academy.


Earn monthly rev-share checks from Google, Facebook, Amazon and more!

​REVENUE SHARING: Earn a cut for every dollar advertisers spend to display ads during your shorts. For example, Google pays 45% of the net revenue that it receives from its advertisers!

SPONSORSHIP INCOME: You can also earn income by doing sponsored promos in your content and simply endorsing brands that are specific to your niche and your audience.


We will pay you $1,500 per sale for anyone you refer into the Clipping Academy!

​AFFILIATE OPPORTUNITY: This is a perk that is exclusive to Clipping Academy members only. You’ll receive an affiliate link and for each referral you will be paid $1,500 after a 7-day refund period.

​ADDITIONAL OFFERS: In the summer we are rolling out additional affiliate opportunities and you’ll have first movers advantage to earn huge commissions just for being in Clipping Academy!


An Exclusive Community of Short-Form Content Creators

From the Desk of Chris Record,

I started the Clipping Academy because this was a service that I desperately needed for my own business, and one that all of my top industry contacts all needed for their business as well.
My goal is to train and mentor a tight community of entrepreneurs on how to properly use AI tools to edit high quality long-form content down into short-form content that goes viral using these 4 essential pillars.
1. Storytelling – The art of telling short-form stories effectively.
2. Audio – Background music and trending songs to boost views.
3. Visuals – B-roll and relevant scenes to add more emotion.
4. Captions – Giving context to fast-paced content.
These 4 steps are the essentials to becoming an expert clipper.
Clipping is more than just choosing a start point and end point in a long video and chopping out a single minute of content to post as a reel or YouTube short.  If it was that simple, everyone would be doing it
The Clipping Academy teaches how to properly find the best pieces of content in a longer video, and then clip them down into a montage format in a short form video.  We call this process “Storytelling“.
Think of it like this…
You’re watching a Joe Rogan podcast.  It’s 3 hours long.  You don’t have the time to watch the whole podcast, but you heard that some amazing things were said.  What you need is a highlight reel!
Short-form content is very similar to a highlight reel when you are repurposing long-form content.  You look for the main points that the presenter has made, and you find ways to tell those stories and make those points generally in one minute or less.
Often times it may take a speaker 5 minutes to get the main points across that they are trying to make.  So if you just chopped 1 minute out then it wouldn’t make much sense.  So the real art of storytelling is being able to tell that same 5 minute story in 60 seconds or less.
There are AI tools that will do a lot of this for you.  For example, there are tools that will instantly create cuts everytime there is a brief bit of silence, or anytime the speaker says “uhhh” or “ummm”.
The next step is to start deleting anything not relevant.  You keep clipping it down until you have something less than 60 seconds.
This is something that I believe everyone can learn.  And I believe with 100% confidence that you can learn how to do this and start creating epic videos using other peoples content that can go viral.
But Storytelling is just the first step.  Let’s talk about all 4.
The next step is Audio.
Now that you have a 60 second clip there are several things you can do to improve the quality of the clip using AI tools that you will be taught inside of the Academy.
For starters, you can run the audio through the Adobe Podcast tool and there is a chance that it can be highly improved in just seconds.
From there you can use an AI tool to create background music that is original and won’t get you any copyright issues.  The AI will create it in just a minute or so, and then you can drop it behind the video.
Additionally, you can use trending audio that is available directly when you upload the content from within the social apps.  This can give your content an extra boost in the algorithm and potentially get it more exposure.  Plus it’s a lot more native to each platform to do this.
These are just a few ways to use audio effectively and in the Academy we will break down numerous examples of this in detail.
Next we have Visuals.
You have a 60-second clip with some background music.  But you don’t just want a talking head clip the whole time.  Now you can leverage AI where you simply choose keywords and the AI finds pictures or videos for each keyword that can be instantly placed into each of the cuts from the first step.
This brings the video to life, as the speaker is now narrating beautiful b-roll type footage and it becomes much more captivating for the viewer to watch.  This is also a great technique to get videos to go more viral.  You can even use clips from movies, as well as tons of other ideas that will be taught in the Clipping Academy.
Lastly we focus on Captions.
Static captions can be used as “headlines” that grab the attention of the viewer, and dynamic captions can be used to read along while the video is playing which is essential for people with their sound turned off while they are scrolling the feed.
But it’s more than just that.
Captions are yet another powerful storytelling tool.  Theres a lot more that you can do besides just word-for-word auto captions.  In many situations you don’t need that much text.  You just need to get the main bullet points across in order to captivate the viewer, and hopefully teach them something or inspire them or entertain them.
When you put all 4 of these pillars together then you have the ability to create epic short form content that is in high-demand right now, and that clients are willing to pay you monthly to create for them.
In the Clipping Academy we will teach you from scratch how to do this, and how to use AI to do it faster and more effectively.
And we will show you how to find clients and close clients that are willing to pay top dollar for these skills, as well as how to use these skills yourself to build your own brands and drive more traffic!
This is just the tip of the iceberg.  If you are reading this far that means you are seriously intrigued in this concept, and we’d LOVE to have you as a member inside of the Clipping Academy!
Here is a breakdown of each of the 6 sessions inside the Academy

Session #1
How to Build a 6-Figure Side Hustle as a Part-Time Clipper.

You do not want to miss the first week as Chris Record will be covering a full overview of EVERYTHING you need to know to make money from the skills you learn in Clipping Academy!
You’ll hear the entire vision, the process, a summary of every single week of the academy, as well as several strategies that you can start applying immediately.
This week is designed for the massive action takers who want to start making money immediately before the academy is even finished!
Then, in the following weeks Chris will do a deep-dive further into each of the sections to make sure everyone knows exactly what to do to take action!

Session #2
Master the Art of Short-Form Storytelling for High-Paying Clients.

In Week 2 you will be shown dozens of examples of big influencers and marketers that all struggle with the same problem.
They all have thousands of hours of content they’ve created over the years (speeches, interviews, courses, etc) but yet these people are NOT posting that content to social media effectively? Why?
For starters they don’t have the time. But more importantly, they don’t have someone they can TRUST to edit the content into short clips that tell the proper story and make them look good.
This week of training is of maximum importance because it’s the #1 skill that will land you deals over everyone else, and this will get your foot in the door with multi-millionaires who are begging for someone to come handle this work for them.

Session #3
The 4 Pillars of Viral Content and a Deep Dive into Social Algorithms

In Week 3 Chris will do a deep dive into the 4 essential pillars of creating short form content.

You will learn how to edit long stories into short stories, how to add the right music/audio to bring it to life, how to add visuals and b-roll to captivate viewers, and how to add captions that better tell the story.

When these 4 pillars are all combined, you end up with a short-form masterpiece that is both entertaining and educational. We call it EDUTAINMENT!

And this is the #1 way to take talking heads clips and turn them into viral shorts that can generate massive attention in today’s social economy!

Session #4
Platform Revenue – Earn Monthly Residual Checks from Google, Meta, Amazon, and More

For the second half of the academy we focus on making money, the fun part!
Week 4 will focus on how to get monetized to earn income on all the major social platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, etc.
You’ll learn how to set up NEW accounts that can be faceless where your name or face is not required at all to earn revenue. How to get these accounts accepted for monetization, as well as how to get your clients properly set up for monetization.
Even if you think your videos will only do a few hundred views each, you’ll see examples of channels where a single video blew up out of nowhere just because they got “lucky” in the algorithm.
If this happens to you, and your are monetized, this could generate thousands of dollars in additional income just for being prepared, so this is a must-follow strategy to make sure you are fully set up on each of the platforms in advance.
Session #5
Agency Revenue – How to Close $10K+ Contracts from Paying Clients, Over and Over Again
Now that you’ve mastered the art of clipping and you’ve got a grasp on things, it’s time to learn how to SELL your skills to clients that are begging and pleading for someone like you to come along.
In this week of training you’ll learn several creative skills where you can easily land monthly retainers from clients to build out their short form content, as well as some management tools that you can use to keep everything organized.
You’ll hear Chris Record’s unique sales strategy that has an extremely high conversion rate, and how to scale up your agency revenue by delegating to people on your team (even family members) to rapidly increase income.
Just imagine having 10 paying clients at $3,000/mo. That’s $30,000/mo in recurring revenue.
And even if you are super-delegating and spending HALF of that revenue on your team, that’s still $15,000/mo in PROFIT from a skill that literally every single content creator, podcaster, internet marketer, influencer, and company brand is begging for someone to fulfill for them!

Session #6
Affiliate Revenue – How to
Generate Virtually Unlimited
Traffic to Affiliate Links Organically

Finally we’ve arrived at the final week and it’s time to teach one of the BEST strategies you can use this skill to dominate with. And that is Affiliate Marketing!
Whether you are in a MLM, or you like to promote affiliate offers like Clickfunnels, Shopify, Bluehost, you name it, this skill will become your #1 go-to strategy for all your affiliate marketing in 2023!
You see, the rise of short-form content is just now exploding. YouTube only started officially monetizing shorts in February 2023.
Everyone is modeling after TikTok. We are about to see a massive RISE in short form videos and we are at the tip of the iceberg.
You can get in NOW before everyone else, and drive massive traffic to your link in bio which can promote any affiliate offer you want!
When done properly, this can result in thousands, even tens of thousands of clicks, all organically, and best of all FREE!
You’ll see actual examples of real affiliates promoting affiliate offers using short videos and getting like 500,000+ views on these videos and earning multiple six figures in commissions effortlessly by making simple videos.
Once you learn this, you’ll quickly make it your top strategy for 2023!

Harness the Power of AI Tools to Scale Your Business

At the core of the clipping model is the power of AI Editing Tools.
With a few mouse-clicks and no coding whatsoever, you’ll be able to edit long form content into short form content in just minutes where it used to take several hours to accomplish the same thing.
This is exactly why this has become a beginner-friendly opportunity.

Examples of what AI Tools can Do For You in Minutes!

  • ​Dramatically improve the quality of the audio
  • ​Jump cut entire hour long videos in seconds
  • ​Remove all the empty/dead space in videos
  • ​Remove the “umms” and “uhhs” from videos
  • ​Create copyright free music to use in videos
  • ​Keep the presenter in the center of the frame
  • ​Convert wide videos into TikTok videos in seconds
  • ​Add b-roll scenes based on just keywords alone
  • ​Transcribe the entire video and add captions
  • ​Create custom logos better than most designers
  • ​Create animated logos in just minutes for outros
  • ​Create calls to action inside short-form videos
  • ​Instant editing tricks like zoom-ins and zoom-outs
  • ​Create video scripts using just prompts
  • ​Narrate the video scripts using a high quality voice
  • ​Learn the voice of the speaker as a custom voice
  • ​Beginners can use AI tools with zero experience
  • ​And countless other features and benefits!

And these are just “some” of the features!

For example, let’s talk about just this one feature alone:

Automatically cut down hours of videos into Shorts

Yes, you read that correctly.  Inside the Academy you’ll learn how to use AI tools that can take a long-form video (such as a 2-hour podcast), and automatically cut it down into 60-second short videos!
This will easily become one of your favorite tools and you’ll be using it literally every single day once you understand how this feature will be saving you dozens of hours and giving you an unfair advantage over your competition that is still doing it the old school way!
Facial recognition auto reframe
The AI tool will automatically detect the faces of the speakers and will be able to keep those faces in the center of the screen as it repurposes the content from wide format into tall format.
This alone would take an editor a few extra hours as they would have to constantly stop the edit and adjust the speaker to be center of the screen.  Now it is all done automatically in just seconds without any fancy video editing skills or experience!
Automatic Jump Cuts
I used to be a vlogger.  And I would have to jump cut hours of footage down into about a 10 minute vlog.  This was the longest part of the entire process and would take several hours alone.  And that’s before adding any creativity or anything.
Now, you can use an AI tool that will do this in less than 1 minute!
Less than 1 minute!
Then, you can tell it to automatically zoom into the speaker on the cuts so that it doesn’t look choppy at all.
Basically, for the same price that you would normally pay someone thousands of dollars and dozens of hours of time to edit videos, you can now use these AI tools to accomplish the same thing in minutes!
Imagine if you can fully edit a video of excellent quality in just minutes.  How many would you be able to do per day?  Now you see why you’ll be able to land agency clients that pay $5,000/mo for your videos and you’ll be able to pump out so much volume that they will be bragging about you to their entire network!
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