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Nothing is more terrifying as a business owner than watching your email list performance wither and die

Especially when you’ve probably spent thousands of hours and an unfathomable amount of money, time, sweat, and focus into building that asset in the first place.

Even scarier is when the signs of what’s mortally wrong with your list aren’t obvious:

First, it starts with slightly lower open rates that start creeping lower and lower with each send…

Which means the raw number of clicks you’re generating also go down… less opens, less clicks.

Of course… all of that means your revenue from your list slowly starts to fade out of existence.

What The Hell Is Going On With My List?!?

Desperate to fix it… you start doing what the talking heads suggest which is to some of these things:

“Oh that’s right maybe I just need to test subject lines!”

(Sounds logical… until you find out it doesn’t work.)

“Maybe I’ll just use different images!”

(Second verse, same as the first.)

“Duhhhh! Just send daily emails… I’LL FLOOD THE ZONE!”

(This is tantamount of giving your email list a death sentence… and it won’t be pretty)

See when these things happen it’s like having a car problem… the more you drive with the problem the worse it gets.

Until you blow a transmission or engine and now your car (i.e. your list) is nothing more than junk.

And the problems are typically hidden from you unless you know what to look for…

The more time that passes with the more email blasts you unleash you’re doing some seriously deadly long term damage to your list.

One More Send And Your List Could Be Headed To The Morgue!

Fortunately, there’s a pair of “Deliverability Defibrillators” to bring your list back to life.

It’s All About Deliverability!

Here’s the deal…

Email providers like Gmail, Yahoo and so on hate marketers (for the most part) and all it takes is you committing a few cardinal sins and they’ll start smacking your list with low deliverability.

The tough part is they don’t exactly tell you what the problem is… it’s like knowing you’re sick but having to diagnose the disease on your own.

Without the proper training or experience it’s gonna be a hell of a rough ride!

And that’s where we come in…

We’d like to show you the exact process we use to help our clients improve their deliverability, restore their list health, and restore their sender reputation… without having to lose a large portion of their lists

Over the years, we’ve had a lot of clients ask us about email deliverability and list health.

Some of their emails were getting blocked, swatted, and relegated to the junk folder… no matter what they tried!

So I talked with my Head of Tech, Matt Spangler, about this.

I asked him,

“Hey Matt… do we have a process we can use to improve our clients deliverability, regardless of the ESP they’re using or the industry they’re in?

“”As a matter of fact, we do…” Matt replied.

Matt had actually develop a simple process and tested it out with a handful of clients to help them dramatically improve their deliverability and list health… and rescue their emails from the dreaded junk folder.

When I polled my own email subscribers if they had any interest in this topic, hundreds replied back and said YES!


Matt and I put our heads together… and we decided we should create a course on this topic.

We documented this sixteen-step process that anyone can use to pump up your deliverability as high as humanly possible. And now, we’re releasing it to the world.

There’s no magic.

No mumbo-jumbo.

You just follow the sixteen steps we lay out in this course and you’ll be able to: