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Bow & Arrow | A Ghostwriter’s Rules for Going Viral and Crafting Thousand Dollar Tweets


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How to make thousands on Twitter and get paid what you’re worth – A ghostwriter’s rules for going viral and crafting thousand dollar tweets.

PLUS plug-in formats to get 100+ likes AND my own private Swipe File guaranteed to triple your engagement in one day for FREE

Who writes thousand dollar tweets?

I do.

Let me explain:

I’m a ghostwriter.

I get paid thousands of dollars to tweet for my clients.

The method I’m about to show you allows me to consistently hit multi hundred-follower days,

Over 500 likes,

and threads that make one thousand dollars in cash.

What people make in a month,

This method makes in a day.

The amount of impressions people get on a month,

This method gets in a week.

Not only on my account,

But on 10.

(This tweet brought $1149 in revenue.)

Only one downside:

I Could Die.

If this method doesn’t bring in BIG $$$,

it’s my head.

Why would someone pay me thousands of dollars to tweet

if I couldn’t bring more money in return?

So I had to find something.

Something that could make money,

Go viral,

And do it fast.

Not only for my clients,

But for anyone who has put in the work to grow their account for months.

Because let’s face it:

Twitter takes work.

And if you put in the work every day,

You deserve to get paid every day.

Quick fact:

If you make $1,000 a month on Twitter,

And spend 3 hours a day on the platform,

You’re getting paid $11 an hour.

Let that sink in.

Now come back.

I’m not gonna let you make $11 an hour.

Your time is valuable.

You have plenty of skills.

And you know these other 3 quick facts:

1. You’ve written more words than most people will write in their lives.

2. You have access to a multi-millionaire network on Twitter.

3. And you know about online biz than 99% of the world.

With what you know,

You simply DO NOT deserve to make $11/hour (sometimes less).

I’ve been there.

(My first month on Twitter I made $5 total.)

And you know what?

It sucks.

It sucks when people with less followers make more money.

It sucks to wonder if you are boring your audience to the point of no return.

Or realizing you made less money this month than you did the last.

The worst part?

The only solution you’re given,

is a shitty growth guide with stuff you already KNOW.

F*ck that.

You don’t need that.

You need something that will actually make you money.

If you want to stop being “just another Money Twitter account”,

And turn into a respected, RICH one,

The secrets behind going viral and writing thousand dollar tweets are guaranteed to help.


The Bow & Arrow Method

What you’re about to see,

Is the secret behind thousand dollar tweets and going viral whenever you want to.

How Does It Work?

Bow & Arrow is a philosophy of action:

It will show you to write in a way that will make people do what you want them to do:




You name it.

Many people have made money with this method already,

And it’s easy to see why:

It’s not based on talent.

It’s not based on inspiration.

It’s based on a system that is supposed to be repeated because it just pays very well.

I get 100+ likes on my tweets every day.

Not only for me,

But for my clients and the people who ask me for help.

And just so you know:

This is not random.

It’s the magic that comes from ghostwriting.


And copywriting COMBINED.

All revealed in a single chamber of secrets:

What’s Inside?

The Secrets Behind Thousand Dollar Tweets

Pillar #1:


Create Infinite ( & Profitable) Content With A Thought MuseumDouble Your Thinking PowerNote Taking Systems + Thought Grabbing7 EASY Places to Find Content Forever

Pillar #2:


18 Ways To Go ViralTurning ideas into cashPlug-In Wordplay Formats You Can Use For Your TweetsWatch me write: Improving tweets from my first month on Twitter

Pillar #3:


How To Learn A Skill (If you don’t have one)NEVER make these selling mistakesPositioning yourself as an expertBragging for followsHow to gain undeniable credibility in the TwittersphereWhy hype doesn’t work

Pillar #4:


A no-stress approach to launchingBuilding in Public (pre-selling your audience)How to sell people on your product before they even get a chance to buyDissolve objections with contentHow to own the timeline on launch dayKeep your product relevant (and keep it selling every day)Partnering up for BIG results

FREE Bonus

Thousand Dollar Affiliate Marketing

How to start making SERIOUS affiliate money

(We’re talking thousands of dollars in side income here)

By the guy who got 20k followers and made $20k in 8 months: The Art of Purpose.

You’re gonna log on Twitter anyway.

You have to sell something someday.

Why stay stuck where you are,

When you can make THOUSANDS of dollars more for just $74?

Quick Recap:

Elite content ideation, viral content creation, monetization from someone who manages 10 accounts and crafts THOUSAND dollar tweets.

My personal 100+ tweet swipe file with GUARANTEED engaging tweet ideas for you (if you read it).

Affiliate Marketing $$$ from the guy who got 20k followers and made $20k in just 8 months.

If you’ve been on Twitter for months already, listen to this:

You deserve to get paid for your work.

This is how.

Sales Page: _https://jkmolina.gumroad.com/l/bownarrow


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