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“I won’t piss on you and tell you it’s raining by saying my complex publishing methodology is ‘simple & easy!’ Nor will I sugarcoat the ungodly amount of work & sacrifice it takes to learn & build. Frankly, I don’t even know if I would do it again knowing how much time, patience, and dedication it requires.

“So if at any time during this letter you have even a speck of doubt about buying this book… I suggest high-tailing it over to one of the cheaper & more conventional info-publishing courses. This book is only intended for the small number of insanely ambitious & productive ‘berserker’ business owners in my Horde. And it’s wholly inadequate for anyone else.”

Dear Friend,

If you want to immerse yourself in the exact ways I use to create, build, and run a high-end book & newsletter publishing business that grosses over 7-figures per year in sales… with low overhead and no paid employees or VAs… then my new book can show you how.

The book is called:

“elBenbo Press”

But, before I tell you about it, realize these 3 things:

1. This is a “Ben Settle 400-Level” book that is not-at-all newbie-friendly — you don’t need to have all my other books or be an Email Players subscriber to use it. But since it does not teach copywriting, email marketing, or the “how-tos” of anything except the book & newsletter publishing side of my business… then the more of “me” you already know & are familiar with, the more likely you’ll be successful with it in your business..

Hates goo-roo fanboys,
despises new product junkies,
and has nothing but contempt
for anyone wanting to buy
his “magnum opus” book
about his publishing model
not willing to do what it takes
to properly learn & use it.

2. It’s also my most expensive book yet — clocking in at over $1,000.00.

3. This book ain’t for marketing candy-asses playing to not lose instead of playing to win — not only because it takes at least 100+ solid hours of hard, grueling work to learn, build, and execute… but also because…

There Are No Refunds

Or Money-Back Guarantees.

If that turns your stomach then I just saved you a ton of time & money.

Here’s A Snapshot Of What’s Waiting For You Inside:

  • The absolute best and worst times to start selling a paid newsletter to your list! (If you’ve ever wondered, “How big should my list be before selling a newsletter?” then pages 298-305 will give you the scoop.)
  • How to develop an uncanny “6th sense” for knowing exactly what offers your list wants to buy… before they even do!(I never run surveys, couldn’t care less about asking anyone’s opinion, and would rather be waterboarded than do a split-test to try to determine “demand” for an offer. For me, it goes like this: get idea, write book, and make sales that always — without exception — exceed my expectations. But it ain’t because of any inborn genius. It’s because of a special way I’ve used over the years for sharpening your “gut” intuition so you can sell offers to your list they didn’t even know existed 5 minutes before seeing it. I doubt 1 in 10,000 marketers will ever experience this. But I believe you can if you turn to pages 39-41, and the other parts it is talked about in the book, and do the hard work required.)
  • How to use the (admittedly creepy) secret of Omnipresence(Omnipresence can mean your books dominating the book shelf, nightstand, backpack, and even the bathroom as reading material. It can mean your newsletters laying around the office — as certain copywriters at Agora Financial have told me mine are. And it can mean wherever your list goes… there you are, in their face, not allowing them to forget about you, ignore you, or avoid thinking about you. If you want to possess the ever-elusive secret of having hyper–engagement for your business, I daresay this is it.) Page 81
  • Disney’s sneaky “smart indoctrination” method for psychologically & emotionally tethering customers to your business — constantly wanting to strive for, work for, and pay for almost everything you sell. (There is a reason why multiple generations of customers in the same families buy from Disney at any given time — and it ain’t just because Walt drew a mouse. And if you do what you’ll learn on page 119 correctly, it can potentially help keep people spreading the “gospel” about your business… spending money with you for the rest of their lives… and possibly even passing this dedication to your business down to their children and their children’s children — not unlike what happened with Walt Disney’s brand.)
  • (Listen, the mere structure of how you place your offers each month taught on page 310 can potentially get your business ridiculous levels of engaged customers all year long, who almost can’t help but want to buy everything you offer. I’ve been using this plot formula in my promotional schedule for 2 years straight. And even I still can’t believe how well it works!)
  • (This goes way beyond the obvious tips like covers, fonts, colors, pricing, etc that are clearly distinct from your competition’s books. Those are all important, but there is something else the top creatives at the most successful publishing companies do to make their offers rise high above all others. And when you turn to page 100, you’ll see exactly what it is, as well as a real-life case study on what it can look like.)
  • (The late Stan Lee used this method way back in the early 1960s when building Marvel Comics to dynamically stick out from a sea of other comicbook companies selling the exact same kinds of stories — i.e., superheroes — to the exact same “gene pool” of customers.) Page 105
  • The revolutionary “anti-psychology” business-building method that can potentially take 4-figure businesses to 5-figures… 5-figure businesses to 6-figures… and 6-figure businesses to 7-figures & beyond.

here’s what else you’ll learn:

  • An almost spooky-effective storytelling technique used in Disneyland restaurants that can potentially give your books a thick new layer of prestige — and maybe even an almost legendary” like status. (Fun fact: I don’t talk about it in the book, but you can also see this powerful form of storytelling in certain extremely high-priced eBay auctions, too.) Page 273
  • How to use the strange (but ingenious) secret method the Marvel Cinematic Universe writers use to get people literally addicted to consuming your books & newsletters. (It ain’t an accident that people excitedly line up to see a “Marvel movie” featuring obscure characters nobody’s ever heard of… while hardly anyone gets excited about going to see a “D.C. movie” unless it’s a well known character like Batman or Superman. Follow the instructions starting on page 188, and I believe you can get people practically feening for even your most obscure books months before you launch them, and gorging themselves like starving wolves on that content when it arrives.)
  • How to (100% legally & ethically) steal your competition’s sales on Black Friday, Christmas, and New Years each year. (Not only making it much harder for your buyers to spend money with anyone else during those high-selling times, but making sure they don’t waste their hard-earned money on your competition’s inferior offers. Who knows… your buyers might even thank you! More about this on page 315.)
  • A 2,000+ year old secret (perfected by the Catholic Church over the last several centuries) that can sometimes turn casual buyers of your offers into raging lifetime FANS who cannot get enough of your business — even when you screw up! (Fans — literally the abbreviation for the word “fanatics” — are customers who advocate for you, defend your honor when trolls or critics attack you, and who’d probably crawl through a field of broken glass to buy from you no matter what the offer. And page 47 reveals how certain very savvy centuries-old institutions have created these kinds of fanatical buyers in the past. And how smart businesses can do it today.)
  • A clever way to use “content crossovers” to cut your writing time down while also adding far more value to nearly every book you sell. (A content crossover is when you recycle/repurpose some of the exact same content you’ve already written in one book or newsletter issue, and then use that content in another book or newsletter issue. Normally this understandably pisses customers off. After all, nobody wants to pay for information they already bought. But I learned a little-known way of doing it years ago — directly from the billion dollar comicbook industry — where customers not only don’t mind when you reuse content they already paid for… but are happy you did it.) Page 106.
  • Shrewd psychological insights for dominating the bookshelf. (So yours are practically the only books people notice, reach for, touch, browse, and read on the shelf, in the office, and any other place where your books are displayed next to anyone else’s.) Page 258
  • A peek inside elBenbo’s private business rolodex. (I hand you the contact info of the exact same printer/shipper, merchant accounts, lawyers, designers, programmer, accountant/bookkeeper, and other services I use to run my own publishing company so I don’t need to hire any employees or even pay a VA to help run it. That way you can focus 100% on what the late Gary Halbert called “Operation Money Suck” — where you only do the work that brings in the money instead of diddling around with a bunch of time-sucking “busy” tasks.) Pages 422-424
  • How to stoke up the “vikings den” customers on your list who aggressively want to buy everything you offer! (As well as go out on your behalf defending you, fighting for you, and in some cases even picking fights with your enemies & haters for you.) Page 112
  • Quite possibly the single best undiscovered “niche” for direct marketers ever found. (Not only can you potentially charge any price you want in this near-magical niche Gary Halbert once talked about decades ago… but I have found you can sell nearly any other kind of offer you want, too. Plus, in my experience, it is especially great if you are a coach or copywriter who can sell other business’s offers, but couldn’t sell your own offers if your life depended on it.) Page 45
  • How to use the lost art of World-Building to (1) create legions of buyers & customers, (2) virtually “cancel proof” your business, and (3) have a line of fans eager to buy your future offers sometimes years before you even think them up!

Let’s stop & put this under the proverbial “microscope” a minute:

World-Building is the “beating heart” of the elBenbo Press book & newsletter publishing model. Once people come inside your business’s (properly-built) World, sales & engagement become a lot easier and almost automatic… instead of it being a constant struggle trying to “gameify” and manipulate people with lame gimmicks just to keep them engaged & buying. Build your business’s World correctly, and it can be a place people want to enter and stay, and not a place you need to trick people into and then desperately try to trap them inside.

Build it correctly, and it’s also a privilege to be in your World, not a right.

And it can become an exciting adventure for peoples’ boring lives, as well as a…

Here are even more secrets you’ll find inside elBenbo Press:

  • Sneaky ways lawyers use to profit from idiots who swipe “boilerplate” legalese. (There could very likely be a grinning lawyer or two eagerly rubbing their hands together as they sit on your email list, just waiting for you to try to steal their legal verbiage you thought was boilerplate… so they can drill you for a small fortune in fees, plus maybe even access to your customer list. And if you think just because you’re too small of an operation to be worth going after now, and foolishly believe that makes you “safe”, think again. I’m told some of these lawyers have no problem waiting months or years to strike, and probably when you least expect it.) Page 268
  • The official elBenbo Press 9-step “smooth-sailing” blueprint for printing, fulfilling, and shipping books. (These steps cover the raw logistics of how to run your book publishing operation with as little turbulence as possible — including the moving parts to be aware of, the exact order to do everything in, and how to do it all without needing to hire a gaggle of employees.) Page 279.
  • Trump’s Warmonger Marketing secret that’s like red meat to your best customers so they populate your business, evangelize your products, and proudly go to bat for you when you are attacked. (Trump’s advisor Jared Kushner once said there are only two kinds of people in Washington D.C.: “Those who want to help Trump save the world, and those who want to save the world from Trump.” The Warmonger Marketing secret inside elBenbo Press is designed to give your business this kind of ultra-profitable polarization. And before you even ask — you don’t have to like Trump to use it. The founders/architects of some of history’s biggest & most influential businesses have used it to help make their fortunes, too. Steve Jobs, for example, was especially aggressive with it. So was “smiling” Stan Lee. Just realize it can be hair-raising to do. And if you don’t have a thick skin it will almost certainly work against you. So use with caution.) Page 115
  • A dignified way to sell truckloads of books to your list by blatantly & shamelessly exploiting their darkest & most horrifying nightmares. (All without disrespecting them or sounding like a greedy “the sky-is-falling!!!” fear monger just trying to milk money from misery. See page 159.)
  • 11 “customer subjugation” techniques (based on the work of a Guinness Book of World Records salesman) that can help you whip up a horde of customers who want to buy from you… and ONLY you! (Admittedly, these techniques require you always being “on call” in your business. But I also believe they can give your business an almost unbelievable advantage over bigger & more influential competitors… forgive a lot of otherwise unforgivable marketing “sins”… and potentially create a small fortune in extra sales over your business’s lifetime.) Page 331.
  • How to turn agonizingly slow postal mail delivery times into a far more rabidly loyal & eager-to-buy customer base. (If you possess the information on page 337, you may very well find that frustrating slow mail delivery that drives your customers — and you — up a wall is not a “problem”, it’s an opportunity for creating life-long fans eager to refer to you.)
  • How to use “sloppy seconds sales” to potentially pick up a lot of new customers you’d never get otherwise… and with only about 3-minutes of work. (I stumbled onto this secret purely on accident, but it’s the single fastest, simplest, and easiest way to make sales I’ve ever seen. In fact, depending on your list and offers it’s possible this ONE tip alone might even be able to pay for your book’s considerable investment many times over the first time you use it.) Pages 322 & 418
  • How you can potentially “judo flip” bad & even horrifying crises into extra sales. (This goes way beyond just “pivoting” and is practically built-in to your operation automatically with the elBenbo Press publishing model — where bad news can become very good news for your bank account, regardless of your niche, market, or product category. All without awkwardly dancing around trying to look like you’re not trying to sell during a crisis when you obviously are.) Pages 324-325
  • The publishing underworld’s ugly secret that can get your customers paying you to read the advertising for your own offers!

True story:

I was once invited by the great direct marketing legend & newsletter business “godfather” Brian Kurtz to talk to his mastermind customers about my own print newsletter business. And when I started telling them how the real purpose of my paid subscription newsletter was to sell my subscribers my other offers…

I Could Practically Feel

The Audience’s Ice Cold Contempt

Descend Upon Me!

It viscerally bothers people to hear it sometimes.

But like it or not, think it “right” or not… it’s a matter of historical fact that virtually all successful monthly publications in the publishing industry are primarily vehicles for advertising (or selling your name to other newsletter publishers so they can advertise to you) and not content.

That doesn’t mean your content shouldn’t be valuable.

And it doesn’t mean your content shouldn’t be worth far more than you charge.

That’s not what I am saying at all.

What I am saying is, like practically everyone else in the direct marketing industry today, I was a “purist” about never putting blatant advertising in my paid newsletters for many years. I thought, “they are already paying for the content, so why would I anger them by including more ads in those issues to pitch other offers?

Well guess what?

The Joke

Was On Me

Because after I tested it, my sales shot up as much as 15x some months.

I also realized my best, classiest customers liked when I did it.

And don’t foolishly think consumer-oriented markets are any different than selling to business-oriented markets like I do. In fact, Larry Hama — the comicbook writer who helped take G.I. Joe from almost nothing to a billion dollar brand — once admitted certain wildly popular comics, like Vampirella for example, were actually catalogs for the publisher’s toy line with content wrapped around it.

And hardly anyone ever complained.

If anything… just like I found with my own list…

The Vast Majority Of Customers

Loved Reading And/Or Buying

From The Advertising.

Will this be your experience, too?

I have no idea, and I can make no promises either way. The reality is, a lot of what happens is up to you, what you offer, who you sell to, how well you have bonded with your customers, how strongly you curate your list, how good a copywriter you are, and 100+ other variables outside my control. But you’d probably be shocked by how many successful publishers do this — including publishers you enjoy buying from now.

You can read more about this starting on page 229 inside elBenbo Press.

But hang on, we still ain’t done yet. You’ll also learn:

  • An almost “can’t lose” 3-phase business plan used by some of the savviest 6-, 7-, 8-, & even 9-figure businesses on the planet! (The downside: I don’t believe following this plan will ever take a business past the low 7-figures unless yours has a team and you want to sell high-ticket coaching and/or events, too. The upside: If your experience is like mine, you’ll be the envy of debt & overhead-leveraged business owners trapped by their own success, who have little time to themselves, and who are on a proverbial treadmill having to make a minimum number of sales each month just to make payroll and keep the lights on. It starts on page 294.)
  • A dirt-cheap merchandising secret (invented by the world’s biggest retail store chain) that can as much as double or even possibly triple your 1-click upsell profits. (Monster retailers collectively extract tens of thousands of extra dollars in sales each day without doing a lick of extra manual selling, advertising, or marketing with this secret. Here’s how to apply their exact same merchandising psychology to your 1-click upsell offers, so you can extract many more sales for your business, too.) Page 320
  • The nitty-gritty details on how to create, assemble, and build-out high-ticket & premium-priced book offers.

Including my 3 main offer creation methods, and all the hard logistics of the book business I’ve learned from being in the info-marketing & info-publishing business for nearly 20 years.

The fun begins on page 232.

Plus, (later in that section) I cover lots of ways to make the writing side of the book & newsletter business a far more smooth, profitable, and fun ride too, including:

  • A powerful writing secret used by one of the single most prolific & successful writers who ever lived for making sure you never, ever bore your readers.
  • How to “tweak” your brain to help make sure you almost never run out of ideas, almost never have to worry about being creative, and almost never have to deal with the gnawing anxiety of what to sell or write about next.
  • The exact 5-point methodology I use to assemble, write, edit, and publish books in record time.
  • An “it’s-so-easy-it’s-almost-like-cheating” way you can use to quickly build out entire series of books that was invented decades ago by the TV industry (and perfected by Alfred Hitchcock) that works even better today.
  • An Orson Welles movie camera trick for making your books, newsletters, and other content far more valued, respected, and likely to be consumed.
  • What exact kind of info to include in your books… and what exact kind of info to leave out.
  • The deplorable book format everyone bashes in reviews but that sells like hotcakes when done right. (And how to legally “hijack” any bad reviews to make those reviewers sound like dumb-asses not to be taken seriously.)
  • How to almost instantly turn content you’ve already written into high-priced books.
  • The “R&T” secret for naturally slow writers that can make creating, launching, and selling books happen a whole lot faster.
  • And last but not least…

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know

About How To Build

An Insanely Successful Newsletter Offer

Into Your Business But Were Afraid To Ask!

Yes, I “demystify” the entire process including (but not limited to):

  • Ways to monetize & charge the maximum price for your newsletter.
  • Detailed advice on premium/bribe selection.
  • How to turn a current product you already sell into a monthly print newsletter (which is, incidentally, how Email Players was invented…)
  • Advice for page count & content density (you might be shocked at how overrated giving lots and lots of “VALUE!” is if you want to keep withering churn down).
  • Sneaky ways to keep engagement & retention you won’t hear from the chest-pounding wannabe gurus on social media.
  • Simple methods for pumping out content each month with as little stress as possible (including a doozy of a secret used by MTV for creating engaging content even if you are not a naturally stimulating writer).
  • Why and how to choose the perfect contributors/guest writers for better engagement & sales (if you don’t wish to write the newsletter yourself).
  • The best time of the month to ship your newsletter (I am trapped by my customers’ monthly expectations now — but if I did it over, I’d likely do it at the time suggested inside).
  • How to “get away” with sending no newsletters on certain months and still be happily paid by your subscribers.
  • And many other tips for writing, publishing, and selling a print newsletter — including writing & editing tips… design tips… font selection tips… software tips… photo & graphics tips… logistics & production tips… outsourcing tips… customer service tips… printing & shipping tips… backend offer tips… and the list of tips goes on and on and on.

I release the proverbial newsletter “kraken” starting on page 194.

Plus, elBenbo Press also includes a section packed with examples, inserts, exhibits, and micro-teachings that zero-in on certain parts of the book I wanted to more fully explain & illustrate.

Bottom line:

Nothing Is Held Back

Or Left To Chance.

I pull back the curtain and show you just about everything.

I reveal all my ideas, insights, applications, and tricks — including tricks I use “on you” — to sell gobs of newsletter subscriptions & books priced at several hundred dollars a pop, curate an astonishingly happy customer & subscriber base, and have a thriving & (mostly) hassle-free business that makes practically everyone I know green with jealousy. Much of the material inside was discovered over years of expensive and time-consuming trial & error, having to even sometimes (reluctantly) outright reject the hard-won advice of my own marketing “heroes” who I learned from… plus testing & experimenting, and waiting & adjusting to hone it into a well-oiled publishing machine.

If all this sounds good to you, then here is the deal:

elBenbo Press costs U.S. $1,001.00 with free shipping worldwide.

However, before you even think about buying, realize again…

There Are No Refunds

Or Guarantees

And All Sales Are Final.

This book is my entire publishing business model on a plate.

It is 400+ pages (but with admittedly large font, mostly for the boomers) of experience gained over many years of blood, sweat, and struggle. It is not for wannabes or those “playing” business on social media. You should also know this is not a book you just casually read one time. There are hundreds of moving parts to my methodology. And because of that, you will have to read this book multiple times — while taking copious amounts of notes — to get the full picture. And even then you’ll have to do a lot of your own analyzing & experimenting, engage in a lot of original thinking & problem solving, and almost certainly endure a lot of frustrating setbacks & disappointments.

Sales Page: _https://emailplayers.com/press/


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