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Behind Closed Doors by Scot McKay


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“Behind Closed Doors” is designed to help men understand a woman’s fantasies as well as his own. It is intended to help you develop the ability to read a woman’s sexual nature and know what she is going to be like in bed.

Scot McKay’s program is intended for men who have no idea what really goes on in a woman’s mind, even her sexually horny thoughts.

By understanding how to get a woman in the mood to experiencing intimacy, the program teaches men how to decode what it takes to connect with her sexually, “undress” her motives and fantasies, and getting her really sexually aroused.

Areas covered include:

– Skills to be amazing in bed
– Sex tips on how to fully satisfy women
– An explanation of female sexuality and how to ignite it
– How to read with clarity the hot sexual fantasies in a woman’s mind
– Simple words to drive women wild in bed (includes full transcript)
– Step-by-step guide to knowing what a woman is going to be like sexually
– How to transform your woman from frigid into a hot sex princess
– Gain every secret in order to be expertly and fully prepared for action
– Getting a woman to think about sex long before getting her in to the bedroom
– Addressing decreased sensitivity, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation
– A dozen dimensions of great sex and effective ways to nurture them in the woman you desire
– Discover powerful factors that separate those who are good in bed from those who are not

Bonuses include:

– Overcoming Shyness (David Hamilton)
– 10 Signs She’s Good In Bed (Marni Kinrys)
– Conquering Performance Anxiety (limited availability)
– Secrets To Shaving Her Nether Regions (Jason Lane)
– Sexually Attractive Communication (Julianne O’Connor)
– Monthly Membership: Power Sessions For Men (optional)
– Live 1-on-1 Phone Consultation With Scot (limited availability)
– How To Give A Woman Squirting Orgasms (limited availability)
– The Art Of Flirting From A Woman’s Perspective (Fran Greene)
– How To Have The ‘STD Talk’ With A Woman (Dr. Sari Cooper)
– Self-Hypnosis For Greater Success With Women (Dr. Steve G. Jones)
– All-Original Discussion On Women, Dating And Relationships (Gary Goodbloke)

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

– Audio 1 and 2: 12 Dimensions Of Being Amazing In Bed
– Audio 3: How To Identify A Woman Who Is Amazing In Bed
– Audio 4: How To Be Amazing In Bed (featuring Jason Julius)
– Audio 5: What To Do If She’s Not Amazing In Bed (featuring Alex Allman)
– Audio 6: Perfect Preparation For Sex
– Audio 7: Mental Foreplay All Day Long (featuring David Shade)
– Audio 8: Women’s Fantasies And How To Fulfill Them (featuring David Shade)
– Audio 9: Creative Ways To Make Red Hot Sex Happen (featuring Joshua Rose)
– Audio 10: Secret Techniques That Make Sex Great (featuring Dr. Emily Morse)
– Audio 11: Little Known But Powerful Ways To Pleasure A Woman (featuring David Van Arrick)
– Audio 12: Sex Positions That Will Blow Her Mind
– Audio 13: Dirty Talk (featuring Adam Armstrong)
– Audio 14: Making It Feel Better And Last Longer (featuring Matt Cook)
– Audio 15: All The Questions You’ve Never Known Who To Ask (featuring Dr. Gloria Brame)

Special Reports:

– Angry Sex
– How To Create Sexual Intrigue
– 5 Steps To Defining Fidelity
– How To Seamlessly Hold Her Hand
– Is She Really As Hot As She Seems?
– The Simple Secret To Sexual Fulfillment
– 5 Golden Moments When You’d Better Kiss Her
– 5 Good Surprises That Make Women Love You
– 6 “Secret Moves” That Make A Woman Hot For You
– 7 Things Women Say When They Want To Have Sex With You
– The Real Secret To Getting Women Hot For You Early And Often
– Even Better Than Making Her Feel Safe And Comfortable
– Sexual Success: 6 Ways Men Steal Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory
– Sexual Urgency vs. Sexual Pressure
– Women, Alcohol And Sex
– You Are Sex


What You Get:

– 15 MP3 audios
– PDF transcript/notebooks
– 16 Adobe PDF special reports


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