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Did You Know High-Level Coaches Charge $500-$3,500 an Hour?

By the end of this course, you’ll have:

  • The confidence to get clients
  • The frameworks to help them reach their potential
  • systematic approach to attract life-changing opportunities
  • The strategies to build a business that supports your lifestyle

And yes—the ability to charge $500+ an hour.

But first, you have to learn the skills that separate the best coaches in the world from the sea of mediocre ones.

Skills that apply to any kind of coaching you want to do, including:

  • Peak Performance Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Strengths Coaching
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Values Coaching
  • Habits Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • EQ Coaching

Who is This Course For?

New Coaches Who Don’t Know Where to Start

Go from having no idea how to start coaching to having the confidence, skills, and specific strategies to get your first paying client.

No overwhelm trying to find good resources.

No uncertainty if what you’re learning actually works.

Just real strategies used by real coaches to help real people get real results.

Established Coaches Who Want to Level Up

Most coaches spend their entire careers drowning in mediocrity and charging way less than they’re worth.

In this course, you’ll learn strategies to set yourself apart from the competition and create systems that attract high-quality clients and opportunities to you.

If you’ve hit a plateau as a coach, or feel like you’re capable of doing more, this course can help.

Therapists Who Want to Break into Coaching

Tired of jumping through insurance hoops, outdated healthcare systems, and bullshit bureaucracy that gets in the way of you helping people?

Or maybe you know you’re capable of doing more with your expertise, but you’re burnt out only being allowed to help people survive instead of thrive.

This course will help you make the transition from just helping people function, to helping them flourish.

Perfect for Your Busy Schedule

Don’t have time to spend 5 weeks attending live classes that are scheduled at terrible times in your timezone?


Because this course is completely self-paced.

It’s full of video and text modules, plus exercises to help you apply the concepts.

So you can fit the course into your busy schedule:

  • Listen to a lesson on your morning run.
  • Watch a recording at lunch.
  • Practice an exercise while sitting at your favorite coffee shop.

This course fits around your life.

Not the other way around.

Why Do People Pay So Much For Coaching?

Because working with a world-class coach has an average ROI of 500%-700%.

Anyone can coach.

But few do it well.

High-performers and ambitious entrepreneurs hire coaches to help them:

  • Reach their potential
  • Prioritize what matters
  • Get out of their own way
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Set and achieve meaningful goals
  • Improve their emotional intelligence
  • Remove bottlenecks in their business
  • Balance long-term vision with short-term execution
  • Be more effective with their time, energy, and attention
  • Develop the courage to do work that resonates with them
  • Make better high-leverage decisions and overcome analysis paralysis
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors holding them back

Fundamentally, coaching is about facilitating transformation by leveraging human psychology to help people reach their potential.

If you can learn to help them do this, they’ll pay top dollar.

Think of it this way…

Would anyone pay $100,000 for a coach?


Let’s say an entrepreneur’s company makes $80 million annually.

Through coaching, he’s able to develop new strategies and mental models that translate into his business generating 10% more revenue.

10% of $80 million is $8 million.

You just helped them turn $100,000 into an extra $8,000,000 every single year.

*This is a real example entrepreneur Noah Kagan shared a while back.

It’s not about price. It’s about ROI.

And high-performers are ready to invest in a world-class coach.

But you have to help people get world-class results before you can charge world-class prices.

And to help people get world-class results, you have to learn world-class strategies.

That’s where this course comes in…

You Can Earn a Full-Time Income Working 2 Hours Per Week

I grew up super poor in rural Appalachia. Like, food stamps and public housing poor.

My family always told me, “Use your brain, not your body,” because so many people in my town had broken their bodies doing manual labor jobs.

So when I got into college, I thought all my problems would be solved.

But after I got a bachelors degree in psychology, I realized my degree opened exactly zero doors for a better future.

So I went back to school.

After I spent 12 years and $200,000 getting my doctorate, I worked in the medical field doing therapy.

Through some hard negotiations, I eventually got my salary up to $93,000 a year—high for the therapy field, and more than anyone in my family had ever made.

That’s around $45/hour.

I thought I’d finally “made it.”

But it meant spending 40 hours of my life every week drowning in bureaucratic red tape, jumping through insurance hoops, dealing with incompetent bosses, and obeying bullshit dress codes like wearing khakis and a polo (I fucking hate khakis).

And the worst part? I was only allowed to help people survive, to become “subclinical.” Because as soon as they were feeling well “enough,” their insurance provider would stop covering therapy.

So I could never help them flourish or build a more fulfilling life.

I felt trapped by a steady paycheck and job security.

Then 2020 happened and I got an email from my boss…

In 30 days, I’d be fired.

I was doing remote telehealth, but my employer decided everyone had to come back into the office (despite, you know, the pandemic…).

Since my position was fully remote, and I’d moved away, my job was on the chopping block.

I’d spent 12 years of my life and $200,000 in student loan debt to make $45/hour in a high-demand field that had all-but-guaranteed job security.

And that job security was gone.

To make it worse, I couldn’t get another job because of how backward therapy licensure works. It would’ve taken me 4-6 months to get relicensed in the state I was living in.

I couldn’t wait that long to make money, but I had no idea what to do with my life.

How could I use my skills now, if I couldn’t do therapy anymore?

Then I came across an article about becoming a coach.

Coaching seemed to have everything I’d been missing from my work, so I took some courses and started my own coaching practice.

I started off slow and cheap, then steadily made a name for myself and increased my rates.

Now, as a coach, my rate is ~$875/hour.

That’s 19 times what I made as a well-paid therapist.

I coach clients all over the world, from the comfort of my home.

No more long commutes, excruciating small talk at lunch with gossiping coworkers, or bullshit meetings that could’ve been an email.

Do I work 40 hours a week coaching?

Absolutely not.

I can work 2 hours as a coach and make almost the same I did working 40 hours a week doing therapy:

  • 40 hours a week doing therapy at $45/hour was $1,800/week.
  • 2 hours a week doing coaching at ~$875/hour is $1,750/week.

For every hour I coach, I free up 20 hours I used to have to spend working for someone else.

I can:

  • Read
  • Write
  • Coach more
  • Take a road trip
  • Go to the gym and lift or train BJJ
  • Create courses to scale my income
  • Spend more time with my loved ones

Coaching allows me to help people flourish—to thrive, instead of just survive—and do it on my terms.

No bureaucratic red tape, jumping through insurance hoops, dealing with incompetent bosses, or wearing fucking khakis.

I don’t feel trapped as a coach. 

I’m finally free.

And you can be, too—with the right skills and strategies.

Which is why I created this course.

There are no hacks or shortcuts to becoming a world-class coach, but there are best practices.

I put the best of everything I’ve learned over the last 15+ years as a psychologist and executive coach into this course, so you can become a world-class coach and finally feel free, too.

And you don’t have to spend $200,000 or over a decade of your life before you can start applying them.

What would you do with an extra 38 hours each week?

Because I know what I do:

Whatever the fuck I want.

Go Beyond Theory and Start Your Business

Not only did I have to learn how to pivot from therapy to coaching, I had to learn how to be an entrepreneur.

I didn’t know anything about running a business like positioning myself as an authority in my niche, attracting clients, doing sales calls, or how to build leverage to grow my income and impact.

I’ve had to learn it all, the hard way, over the last few years.

But I want to help you streamline this process, so you don’t have to spend 15+ years of your life and $200,000 dollars in student loan debt to start helping people reach their potential.

This course is the best of everything I’ve learned and applied to help entrepreneurs all over the world change their lives by overcoming limiting beliefs, thinking bigger, and doing work that matters.

In this course, you won’t just learn the raw skills of how to coach.

You’ll learn what it means to be a coach and make a living doing it.

If you’re ready to learn how to become a world-class coach, enroll now.

Avoid Being a Mediocre Coach

Coaching is the Wild West of service-based businesses.

Unlike most professions, there aren’t official organizations that regulate the coaching field.

Anyone can call themselves a coach—without any knowledge, credentials, or ethics…

But what if you have ethics, and want to get legitimate training to become a world-class coach?

Good luck finding a program worth the price.

Remember: Coaching is unregulated.

Anyone can call themselves a coach.

And anyone can create some bullshit coaching program that costs you thousands of dollars and months of your life of attending bullshit live sessions, doing bullshit exercises, and filling out bullshit paperwork to get a bullshit piece of paper proving you spent a bunch of money and time that didn’t make you any better at coaching.

No one wants to work with a mediocre coach.

Everyone wants to work with a world-class coach.

Which do you want to be?

Stop Waiting for “Some Day” to Start Coaching

How many times have you sat around daydreaming about having the freedom to control your schedule, making money doing meaningful work that supports your lifestyle, and leveraging your unique blend of personality, expertise, and interests to build a reputation where inspirational people and opportunities seek you out?

Becoming a coach is one way to make these a reality.

But, for some reason, you keep telling yourself:

  • “Someday, I’ll start tapping into my potential.”
  • “Someday, I’ll stop drowning in bureaucratic bullshit at my job.”
  • “Someday, I’ll build a business that supports a life where I feel free every single day.”

Here’s a cold hard fact of life:

One day, you’ll be out of “somedays.”

This is why my right tattoo sleeve is dedicated to the Stoic concept of memento mori. It means “remember you will die.” It’s a reminder to make the most of the time we have left and use our mortality as a motivator to live fully.

To turn “someday” into “today.”

Right the fuck now, while we still have it.

Every single day since I started coaching has felt like I’m living fully, doing work that gives me the satisfaction I’m making the world a better place, and makes great money that helps me support my lifestyle and support my loved ones.

I don’t have long commutes anymore.

I don’t wear khakis anymore.

I don’t have bullshit meetings with bullshit bosses telling me to bend over backward to obey bullshit bureaucratic rules.

I’m free.

I’m living fully every fucking day.

And coaching makes it possible for me, and it can make it possible for you, too.

As long as you learn how to stand out from the sea of mediocre coaches out there…

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