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Albert Einstein said, “Reality is negotiable.” He was right!

The problem is, from all my years of research, no one had ever come up with a process which was replicable that actually could change a person’s reality.

The truth is, I created this process by accident in 1988 when I thought, just bumping into the person we are supposed to spend our lives with, was a pretty dumb plan and there had to be a better way.

So at the age of 21 I designed my Perfect Partner.
I saw her within 24 hours of designing her, and we’re still together. It was a near perfect manifestation… They’re not always that quick, but they do always work!

I’ve used this same process to design making millions, healing myself, meeting people, writing books, getting people to do things, solving unsolvable problems, even to bringing up my children

You name it, I’ve used this skill to ensure certain success.

When I ran the seminar, I promised people that they would be able to use it perfectly by the time they left the one day course… We had zero refunds!

This skill literally allows you to change your reality so that you receive exactly what you want from life …effortlessly!

If you want the easiest way there is to negotiate a different reality…
Then you’ve found it.

Who SHOULD NOT Get The Life Design Getaway Seminar Recordings?

          The only people who should NOT purchase The Life Design Getaway Recordings, are people who have not managed to get past Chapter 7 of the first book. It’s that simple! EVERYONE ELSE SHOULD, as this skill will unleash potential that right now, you can’t even imagine exists within you!

          Please click the link above to get instant access today.

The NEXT 12 Months Can Be Different Or They Can Be A Repeat
Of All Your Previous Years. I Can Only Show You What
The Answer Looks Like And Tell You That I Advise You Get It.
YOU Have To Decide If You’ll Allow Me The Pleasure Of Helping You…

          Right now you are standing on the verge of making THIS YEAR … NEXT YEAR … In fact, the rest of your life… the BEST of your life!

          As A Bug Free Mind student, I think the only thing you may need is a little extra help, a little guidance from someone who can teach you exactly HOW TO THINK in order to bring your desires into reality. And without intending to sound arrogant, you know I am that person.

          I’ve done it with Money…. With Businesses… With Love.. With Family… With Experiences… With Investing… With Relationships, you name it.

          And when I shared a couple of other stories at the event, of things I’ve manifested by having my mind in the right state (the state which I am going to coax your mind into too).

          Then you’ll know for sure that there really are NO LIMITS to what you can achieve once you’re able to once again communicate with you subconscious mind, and unlock its amazing creative powers into your life. To tell the truth, and I say this as bluntly as possible…

 In Truth It’s Likely You Have Absolutely No Idea Right Now of
What You’re Truly Capable Of …

          The funny thing is, for years I thought everyone thought like me. It was only when I saw different results that I realised I thought differently. I was still thinking like I did as a child and I had been brought up to think this was childish… So I kept quiet!

          It was only when I discovered the truths which led to the creation of the Bug Free Mind Process, did I see that the way I thought was the way we all need to think IF we want to have the life of our dreams…

          The problem that’s difficult to see is one of perspective… Standing from where you are right now in life, your perspective is different because of your life situation, another person who has gone where you desire to go, can look at you and see things clearly. These Life Design Getaways were designed to give attendees a transformational shift in their perspective… Making it possible for them and you to see your true potential.

          And the funny thing is, I never intended to teach this skill as it couldn’t be taught in books and audios and I was far too lazy to do seminars. In fact it was only when I taught this designing process to one of my personal students that he told me that I must teach it to you as to not share it was not good. So I relented and I decided to do it…

          … So if you’re willing to meet me half way, and buy these Life Design Getaway Seminar Recordings, I’m willing to pry open up doors of your subconscious mind and show you EXACTLY how great … how happy… how wealthy… how successful.. you really can become!

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