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AlphaFx Global – Advance Forex Mastery Course


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Within the forex market, retail traders generally trade in a probabilistic way, not including all the facts. With AlphaFxGlobal we recognise the trading mechanisms of liquidity providers as this is vital in getting precise entries at the right time. These precise entries allow better risk to reward ratios and this greatly enhances your trading because we focus more on percentage growth. Imagine a 1:100 risk to reward ratio which is easily achievable when you risk as little as 2 pips. At AlphaFxGlobal we teach how to gain and remain consistent within the forex market. With the right mindset, discipline and trade management, you can attain advanced forex mastery and gain
financial freedom.

Topics for this course

Lecture 1

  • Why Trade Smart Money?
  • Liquidity
  • Sponsor Candles, Order Blocks + Mitigation
  • Inefficiency
  • Money Transfer
  • Momentum
  • Advanced Market Structure (Premium, Equilibrium and Discounted Pricing)
  • Advanced Market Structure + Entries

Lecture 2

  • Why Trading Sessions Are Important
  • Divergence
  • Advanced Market Structure + Entries 2
  • Wyckoff Accumulation + Re-Accumulation Schematic
  • Wyckoff Distribution + Re-Distribution Schematic
  • Combining The Concept For Confluence

Lecture 3

  • Risk Reward Ratio + Risk Management
  • Trade Management
  • Psychology

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