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[GroupBuy] A.I. Ads Machine + 10 Profitable Sales Funnels + The Digital Marketers’ Guide To ChatGPT


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Get Access to the A.I. Ads Machine and all its BONUSES!

  • SUPER CRAZY BONUS #1: Our “Mother Prompt” Methodology For ChatGPT (Without This You’re Dead On The Water)…
  • SUPER CRAZY BONUS #2: How To Get Highly Converting Million-Dollar Facebook Ad Copy Done For You In Minutes…
  • SUPER CRAZY BONUS #3: How To Get All Of Your High Impact Images Done For You Using A.I.
  • ​SUPER CRAZY BONUS #4: How To Get Videos Done That People Actually Want To Watch…

I will show you how to use A.I. and launch Facebook ads that turn strangers into raving customers, including:

  • Exactly what to say to grab the attention of your ideal customer.
  • How to build rapport in your copy so that they know, like and trust you BEFORE they land on your website or sales funnel.
  • How to attract people that can afford your services or products and repel those that don’t have any money (so you’re only talking to qualified leads).
  • ​How to be super helpful with your ads so that your authority grows with every new impression.
  • ​What images to use and HOW to use them so you grab as many clicks as possible.
  • ​AND how to use A.I. to make it all happen in MINUTES and SECONDS!…


Our “Mother Prompt” Methodology For ChatGPT

As a BONUS, you’re also getting our “Mother Prompt” methodology for ChatGPT.

This might be the single most valuable asset that you will see in this class.

You don’t need 10,000 prompts. You just need a handful that are carefully curated…

So that you can train the machine to create almost all of your copy (not only Facebook Ads).

Only this bonus is worth 10 times the price of admission!


How To Create Million-Dollar Ads In Minutes…

As an additional BONUS, you’ll learn how to use my Million-Dollar template and put it into ChatGPT so that it creates it for you…

I remember the first time I wrote a million-dollar Facebook ad for someone…

It took me an entire day just to come up with the right copy…

But I discovered a mechanism so that you can ALSO create your own Million Dollar Facebook Ads…

In minutes and seconds, NOT HOURS OR DAYS…

This is not available anywhere else (trust me, I know… I created it!).


How To Get All Of Your High Impact Images Done For You…

After spending tons of hours and millions of dollars in ads that didn’t work…

I discovered a formula to using high-contrast images in our Facebook and Instagram ads.

Everything changed the second I started using A.I.

Because I devised a strategy so that I can get all my Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads images dones in MINUTES…

Following some specific instructions that turn them into click-magnets and increase the performance of your campaigns…

This works even if you suck at design (like me) or if you don’t want to hire a designer to do your ads…


How To Get All Of Your Ad Videos Done…

Never released before!

For the first time ever, I’ll also show you how to create video ads that bring in clicks and revenues… using A.I.

These are not your “typical” talking head trashy “A.I” videos…

But videos that get people to click on your ads and give you clicks and sales…

(In fact, one of your videos got over 5M views in as little as 30 days… how’s THAT for scale?!).


Now that you know how to create and launch Facebook ads that work, no matter what you selling, also get access to our 10 most profitable Sales Funnels, including examples and metrics to get more results, faster! THIS OFFER IS NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE.


Get access to our “Digital Marketers’ Guide To ChatGPT” workshop, so you can get all of your copy, ads, landing pages, emails and more done in record time! With this workshop, you will become a marketing expert at ChatGPT!

Sales Page:_https://go.learnmarketingai.com/machine-of-a1

Delivery time: 12 -24hrs after paid


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