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[GroupBuy] A 3 Minute IPhone Video System To Get Your Dream Clients (100 templates) + OTO (Linkedln Lead )


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Video Lands Better Clients & Customers (and More of Them)

Why does video content work so well?

Because video gives you an opportunity to create a real connection with someone.

Just watch the video at the top of this page. You can tell what I’m like. You can get a good idea of what this toolkit is like by watching me. You can get a feel for how I’ll teach you how to use video.

At the very least, video holds your attention longer than just about anything I could write here. I bet about 75% of people don’t even read this sentence.

It gives me more time to make my point.

What’s my point?

You Already Know You Should Be Doing Video, But You’re Not…

Why is that?

Does it take forever for you to record something because you feel the need to make it perfect? Let me show you why imperfect videos work better, and how to make them *quickly*!

Do you have something to say, but you aren’t sure how to say it without being awkward? Maybe the only person who dropped a “like” on your video was your mom? Let me give you my video planning template so you have a step-by-step plan for making content that drives business, FAST.

Have you tried video content, but you just didn’t know what to say? Be sure to check out the 100+ client-getting video ideas I’m including in this toolkit!

Are you worried about all the time, tech, and editing? Then let me show you a whole new way to think about video. Because all you really need is your iPhone (or any smart phone with a camera).

Do you want to start ATTRACTING top-tier clients and referrals?
Then this Toolkit & Step-by-Step Course is for you.

We’re all terrified of putting ourselves out there on camera.
But we have to do it.
It’s 2021, video is what’s driving sales!
Plus, the style of video you’re about to learn can help you land better high-ticket clients because you’ll be able to build a real and genuine connection with prospects that will have them showing up to sales pages or consulting calls excited to work with you.
So, let me give you the strategy, structure, and “imperfect” video framework you need to finally start creating video content that attracts new opportunities right into your inbox.
What do you say?

Stop putting off video content and start discovering…

  • How to get rid of all the fears and worries that are stopping from you showing up on video (PLUS: Why imperfect videos actually work better than all those perfectly polished productions with fancy graphics… just get out your phone, hit record, and follow the structure I’m about to give you and record!).
  • The THREE things your videos need to land you “big fish” clients for Done-For-You Offers, high-ticket coaching programs and more (cool part? Nothing new to learn here, I guarantee you already have all three of these things!).
  • The FOUR things you must include in EVERY video you post!
  • How to plan a YEAR’S worth of content in just a couple of days (I’ll also give you 100+ client-getting video ideas ).
  • The “Ultimate Social Post” template that takes all the time and guesswork out of gaining traction with video on the major networks.
  • How to generate endless content ideas (NO MORE CONTENT PLANNERS!).
  • I’ll show you how you can use your videos to eliminate objections, so you build better relationships
  • with your customers.
  • How to make your videos stand out from the competition by effortlessly adding your own branding and subtitles to your videos.

… and MUCH more inside this client-getting video creation toolkit!

This complete program includes:

  • Complete Video Training to Build Confidence on Camera
  • Sales-Driving Video Structure Template
  • The “Ultimate Social Post” Template
  • Content Calendar Template
  • How to Plan 3 Months Worth of Content in 90 Minutes
  • 100+ Done-for-You Client-Getting Video Ideas
  • ​And Much More!

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